17-year-old Kokomo Murase, who won the first victory of the season at the Snowboard Women's Big Air World Cup, said he was enthusiastic about winning the gold medal for the Beijing Olympics, which is more than two months before the opening. ..

At the age of 17, Murase, a second-year high school student, won his first victory in the first round of the Big Air World Cup this season last month, and is expected to play an active role in the Beijing tournament along with the slopestyle he is working on together.

It's been more than two months before the opening, and the practice was opened to the public at the indoor ski resort in Gifu prefecture.

Murase is focusing on practicing the technique of sliding with his right foot in front of him, which is the opposite of his dominant foot, and he repeatedly jumps called "air" on a small jumping platform on the slope of the driving range.

On the 25th, I also practiced slopestyle and slid on thin rails while changing the board in various directions to check the feeling.

Murase said, "I feel that the Olympics are approaching. I'm in good shape after the first World Cup."

For the Olympics, "My dream since I was little is to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal, so I want to do my best to make it happen. I want to give back to those who do it. "