The 24th Winter Olympic Games will kick off in Beijing on February 4, 2022.

The Sports Department of launched a series of columns "Hundred Questions about Winter Olympics", aimed at popularizing Winter Olympic knowledge, answering hot questions, sharing interesting stories about ice and snow, and helping everyone have a better watching experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The 31st Winter Olympics Hundred Questions | Where did the creativity of the Tinder for the Beijing Winter Olympics come from?

  In the middle of last month, the Beijing Winter Olympics Tinder arrived in Beijing, and the raging flame carrying the Olympic spirit revisited its place after 13 years.

This means that the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to set sail, and the world's attention is once again focused on China and Beijing.

  At the Tinder Welcome Ceremony, the camera repeatedly pointed at the Tinder Stand under the spotlight.

When he was ignited, the blazing Olympic fire marked the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which attracted worldwide attention.

  Compared with the "Flying" torch, which has already revealed its true meaning, many people are attracted by the solemn and majestic fire station.

Similar to the tinder lamp whose originality originated from the "first light of China"-the Changxin Palace Lantern in the Western Han Dynasty, it was born out of the traditional Chinese bronze ceremonial vessel-the Zun Tinder Table, which also exudes a strong flavor of traditional Chinese culture and carries a heavy history. .

  The Tinder Stand for the Beijing Winter Olympics Ceremony is designed with the concept of "supporting the sky and carrying things", and the creative inspiration comes from "respect."

The Tinder Platform adopts a zun's curved shape, and the base is stable, symbolizing "all things on the ground".

The colors of red and silver reflect the fusion of tradition and modernity, technology and passion.

  The top of the tinder platform is stretched out, meaning to welcome the pure Olympic tinder.

The auspicious cloud pattern surrounding the body gradually turns into snowflakes from bottom to top, symbolizing the spiritual heritage of Beijing as the "Double Olympic City".

  From the torch to the tinder lamp to the tinder stand, they are all connected by a "ribbon", the modeling style is harmonious and consistent, and the overall design is in the same line.