The new agreement extends to 2023.

"It feels good to be ready and I am very happy to be in the club.

I have valued what feels important and best and the investment that is being made here in BK Häcken is very exciting ", says Hammarlund in a press release.

She injured herself against Eskilstuna in May, and the comeback is still several months away.

"I am entering month five of rehab now and it is usually said that at best you are back after nine, ten months, so half left approximately.

Everything has gone well so far and I'm happy about that, but I'm starting to get really hungry to play now, ”she says.

The 27-year-old Hammarlund has been a reliable goal scorer in the damallsvenskan for several years.

Among other things, she accounted for 12 hits when Häcken, then as Gothenburg FC, won the Swedish Championship gold in 2020.

She has also made 20 international appearances for Sweden, in which she has scored six goals.

CLIP: Shock loss for Häcken (November 17)

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Cold shower for Häcken against Benfica Photo: Bildbyrån