[Explanation] The Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, and the "post-00" speed skater Hou Kaibo dare not relax for a moment. This young man hopes to get a ticket to the Winter Olympics.

On November 25th, coach Lu Zhuo took him to the Northeast Normal University Ice and Snow Sports Science Laboratory to test the recent training results.

  Hou Kaibo is the 500-meter speed skating champion of the 2nd China Youth Games and studied at Northeast Normal University.

Due to the epidemic, he missed the trial of the China National Speed ​​Skating Team and could only make a last stand in the next Olympic trials.

  [Concurrent] Hou Kaibo, member of Northeast Normal University Speed ​​Skating Team

  There may be opportunities, and there may be Olympic trials.

Anyone who has made achievements in the country should have a chance.

Prepare yourself at any time.

  [Explanation] The Northeast Normal University Ice and Snow Sports Science Laboratory has 6 experimental sites, 24 laboratories of various types, and more than 500 experimental instruments and equipment. It is responsible for the "application, inspection, transformation and demonstration of key technologies of the scientific training base", etc. Three key research and development topics and tasks of the "Technology Winter Olympics".

  [Concurrent] Xu Hongqi, Director of the Experimental Center of the School of Physical Education, Northeast Normal University

  Our ice and snow laboratory was established in 2015. Taking advantage of the opportunity of China's successful application for the Winter Olympics, we have integrated the 6 double first-class disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology, and established a doctoral program in combination with our first-level discipline in physical education. Our ice and snow sports science laboratory.

  [Explanation] Hou Kaibo and his classmates used a three-dimensional force measurement system, an anaerobic functional test system, a large-scene high-speed motion image acquisition system, etc., to assess the muscle strength of the lower limbs, the 30-second anaerobic sprint ability, the kinematic characteristics of the movement, and the development of the muscles. The force characteristics were tested with "no dead ends".

  According to Lu Zhuo, coach of the Northeast Normal University speed skating team, in the past 6 years, this speed skating team has sent a total of 14 athletes to the Chinese national speed skating team. New breakthroughs have also been made for China in the skating championships.

Currently, two athletes in the team are selected for the China National Speed ​​Skating Team.

  Lu Zhuo said that, unlike conventional testing techniques, these testing techniques specifically used for ice and snow sports are more targeted.

  [Concurrent] Lu Zhuo, Coach of Northeast Normal University Speed ​​Skating Team

  All the equipment in the ice and snow laboratory not only monitors the fatigue index of athletes, but also provides more reasonable training suggestions to coaches more effectively and reasonably. What is the current level of the human body, and what are the shortcomings and what can be more reasonable Strengthen the training so that the athletes are not injured, can more effectively improve their sports performance, extend their sports life span, and avoid injuries.

  [Explanation] Compared with the strong countries of ice and snow sports, China's ice and snow sports scientific research started late, with narrow research fields and few high-level scientific and technological achievements.

The reporter learned that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics put forward the concept of "Technology Winter Olympics".

  Xu Hongqi said that scientific training is a very important field in the key special projects of the Science and Technology Winter Olympics. Science and technology can help athletes to accurately improve technical movements, quickly improve their competitive ability, greatly improve training efficiency and quality, and help athletes compete for the first place in the arena. .

  [Concurrent] Xu Hongqi, Director of the Experimental Center of the School of Physical Education, Northeast Normal University

  At present, we are summing up our ice and snow sports science laboratory's experience in supporting and servicing ice and snow sports teams, and we hope to further expand and optimize this experience. We have established our scientific training base in Jilin Panshi Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort , Facing the needs of the technological Winter Olympics, we have established a training base integrating scientific research, training and support for cross-country skiing, biathlon, and ski jumping.

We hope that through such a training base, we can provide better services to athletes in the ice and snow events.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan reports from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]