African countries are massively rallying behind FIFA's plan for a biannual World Cup.

In addition, plans are being made for an African Super League, a proposal that previously led to a storm of criticism and resistance in Europe.

An extraordinary congress of the African federation CAF will take place on Friday in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The biennial World Cup and the Super League are the main topics of discussion.

"Developing countries will benefit greatly from a biannual World Cup," said CAF president Patrice Motsepe (pictured left of FIFA president Gianni Infantino).

"I expect a large majority of our 54 member states to vote in favour."

The Africa Cup is now held every two years, unlike the European Championship, which takes place every four years.

This provides the African unions with much more income.

FIFA president Infantino hopes to get the plan for a biennial World Cup through the coming months.

The idea met with a lot of resistance, especially in Europe and South America, because of the fear of an overcrowded playing calendar.

In October, European countries said they were unanimously opposed to the plan, which could have "terrible consequences" for the survival of local clubs and leagues.

The plan will be discussed further at a FIFA meeting on December 20.

Super League in Africa popular plan

In Cairo, the introduction of an African Super League is also expected to be approved on Friday.

In it, the best twenty clubs on the continent must compete against each other.

Previously, a similar project in Europe encountered a lot of resistance, after which nine of the twelve top clubs involved quickly withdrew.

The African Super League should not become a closed system: every year one or two teams will be promoted and relegated.

"Africa's Super League is a new competition that should bring in extra money," says Motsepe.

"Clubs are still limited by national borders in terms of revenue. This new competition could put an end to that."