There is a good chance that Ajax will be certain of a group win in the Champions League on Wednesday evening.

It would be a Dutch first this century and it reduces the chance of an absolute top opponent in the eighth finals, but it does not provide extra income.

How can Ajax still miss group win?

  • Sporting CP is the only club that can still keep Ajax from winning a group, but then three things have to happen.

    Ajax must lose to Besiktas on Wednesday, Sporting must beat Borussia Dortmund and Ajax must lose against Sporting CP in two weeks with a score greater than 1-5.

With twelve points from four matches, Ajax is already certain of at least second place in group C and therefore a place in the last sixteen of the Champions League.

European income has risen to 65 million euros, partly due to a 10 million euros bonus for wintering.

There is no financial difference between wintering as number one or two in the Champions League.

Nevertheless, Ajax can still make a financial blow in the last two rounds.

A win in the group stage gives the Eredivisionist 2.8 million euros and a draw is good for a premium of 0.9 million euros.

In addition, Ajax provides a nice Dutch first this century with group wins.

Only in the 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 seasons did the team from Amsterdam go through to the knockout phase of the million-dollar ball as group winners, and other Dutch clubs have never managed to do that.


Summary Ajax-Besiktas (2-0)

Ajax can equal performance from 1995

Group win also means that Ajax is in pot 1 in the draw for the eighth finals on Monday, December 13, so that it cannot be linked to another group winner.

At the moment, three of the eight group winners have already been announced: Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Liverpool.

In case of a group win, Ajax will avoid those clubs in the eighth finals anyway.

Another special milestone beckons for Ajax against Besiktas.

The Eredivisionist can win five Champions League matches in a row for the first time this century.

The last time that happened was from April to October 1995 under the leadership of Louis van Gaal.

Based on the past, Ajax can hope for a win against Besiktas on Wednesday.

After all, there is no other club that Ajax played against in Europe so often (five times) without losing or drawing once.

Besiktas against Ajax starts on Wednesday at 6.45 pm in the Besiktas Park in Istanbul and is led by Bosnian referee Irfan Peljto.

Standings in group C Champions League

  • 1. Ajax 4-12 (+12)

  • 2. Borussia Dortmund 4-6 (-4)

  • 3. Sporting CP 4-6 (+2)

  • 4. Besiktas 4-0 (-10)

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