• Negotiation Renault calls to extend the temporary employment file

  • Renault Group 2,000 layoffs by 2024 with promise to recover those jobs

The extension of the Suspension Employment Regulation File (ERTE) that Renault Spain intended until June

30, 2022

has been consummated with the signing of the agreement by the unions CCOO, UGT and SCP. On the contrary, Trabajadores Unidos (TU) and CGT have refused to accept this

seven-month extension of the ERTE still in force

until the end of the month.

It will affect 8,777 workers from December 1


At the end of the consultation period, an

extraordinary meeting of the Inter-Center Committee

has been called for Wednesday 24

with the participation of the President of Renault Spain and Global Manufacturing Director of the Renault Group, José Vicente de los Mozos

. The leader wants to expose the situation that the company is going through, which is delicate due to the shortage of microchips for the production of cars, in addition to the rising cost of other raw materials.

CCOO has been the last to join the



once, according to the union, which has been included in the minutes of the agreement that

there will be no restructuring of the permanent workforce

of Renault Spain and a commitment to

recover the temporary workers

to whom Their contract was not renewed once the current shortage crisis is overcome.

The UGT and SCP had already agreed to extend the ERTE last Thursday

and assure that after the meeting on Tuesday, the document agreed upon at that time has not changed.

CGT remains in its refusal

to sign, since it does not trust that the company will finally be able to fire workers with an indefinite contract, because it has limited itself to stating that it will not do so "at this time."

Stops and conditions

The extension of the ERTE will affect the

entire workforce of Valladolid and Palencia

, from December 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, and will

be distributed with a maximum of 77 days of shutdown at the Assembly Factory and Central Directions, 90 at the Bodyworks Factory and 76 at Motores de Valladolid, and 78 days of shutdown in Palencia

and linked lines in Valladolid.

The agreement reached

guarantees 85% of the


gross salary


100% of pay and vacations


the maintenance of the contribution to the two mutuals during the ERTE;

that the announcements of the stops are made in the same terms that are used for the

bag of hours


and that the flexibility agreed in the bag is exhausted before applying the ERTE.

Workers may

change ERTE days for rest days


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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