Spain's Mallorca player Kang-in Lee was substituted early even after he played a big part in the regular league match.

Turns out it was because of the absurd mistake of the bench.

Kang-in Lee led the attack alone despite the stuffy flow.

After sprinting through the storm, he daringly fired a long-range shot, and energized it with an awl-like pass.

However, in the 10th minute of the second half, the order of substitution came suddenly.

I thought it was because of the warning in the first half, but it turned out to be an absurd mistake by the bench.

The coach misunderstood the instructions of the coach, who was conducting remotely from the stands as a punishment for suspension of business.

[Louis Garcia/Mallorca coach: Originally, I was going to replace Sanchez (not Kang-in Lee), but there was a communication problem.

Everything went

strange today.]

After unintentionally replacing Kang-in Lee, who had the highest rating after playing for 55 minutes, Mallorca conceded another goal and lost 3-1.