Pitcher Aren Kuri of Hiroshima, who won the title of the most wins this season in professional baseball and the Central League, held a press conference on the 22nd, without exercising the rights of FA = free agent limited to domestic transfers, He announced that he would remain on the team.

In July, Pitcher Guri acquired a new FA right limited to domestic transfers and had not decided whether to exercise the right.

After the season ended, pitcher Kuri, who had been negotiating with the team, announced at a press conference at Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima City on the 22nd that he would not exercise the FA right and would remain.

Pitcher Kuri, who decided to stay on the 20th of this month and told the team, said, "I was very worried, but in the end I decided to stay and I wanted to pull the team." So I'm very happy. "

On top of that, "I can clearly see the fans who cheered me a lot in the match, and I'm attached to that. I've experienced three consecutive victories, but I'm not the best in Japan. I want to be the best in Japan with this team. "I talked about my feelings for the team.

Pitcher Guri is expected to conclude a contract totaling 650 million yen for three years.

Pitcher Guri is 30 years old in his 8th year as a professional.

This season, he started 25 games and won the league's top 13 wins alongside Hanshin's pitcher Koyo Aoyagi, winning the most wins for the first time.