The final round of the men's golf domestic tour was held in Miyazaki City, and American player Chan Kim, who started from 9th place, greatly improved his score and scored his seventh victory in the tour in a reversal.

Kim started the final round on the 21st from 9th place, 3 strokes behind the lead, took 9 birdies, got 1 bogey, increased the score by 8 and won the reverse victory with a total of 17 under.

Kim took the top spot in the prize money ranking with his third win of the season, which was integrated with last year, and his seventh win in total on the tour.

Ryosuke Kinoshita and Naoyuki Kataoka came in second with a one-stroke difference, and Yusaku Miyazato was fourth with a one-stroke difference.

Takumi Kanaya, who was at the top of the prize money ranking, was 31st with a total of 5 under, and the prize money ranking retreated to 3rd place.