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Here we will keep you informed of the performance in the Eredivisie today.

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  • Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle


  • sc Heerenveen-Willem II


  • 4.45 pm:

  • RKC-Ajax

  • 8 pm:

  • SC Cambuur FC Utrecht

  • Result:

  • Go Ahead FC Groningen 0-1

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

84' Pole!

João Teixeira, who has just entered the lines as the last Feyenoord player, provides a sparse highlight in the second half.

The Portuguese accepts nicely, after which he hits the ball hard against the post.

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

The moments when PEC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou has to act in the second half are scarce.

Incidentally, Justin Bijlow does not appear in the piece at all.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

78' Red William II!

In a few minutes it all goes wrong for Willem II in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

Substitute Miquel Nelom waves his arms wildly and is punished with a second yellow card.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

76' GOAL sc Heerenveen!


The ten of Heerenveen even take the lead against Willem II!

Nick Bakker hits the ball in the far corner from a corner.

in 2 days

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

There are few figurative fireworks left on the field in Rotterdam.

It is unsettled around the stadium and fireworks are said to be thrown at the police.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

70' GOAL sc Heerenveen!


Willem II coach Fred Grim will be furious.

Shortly after the opening goal, his team relinquished the lead again.

Filip Stevanovic looks for and finds the far corner: 1-1.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

69' GOAL Willem II!


Willem II makes use of the surplus.

Ringo Meerveld sees Ché Nunnely free in the second half, after which the attacker simply taps in.

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

66 'Slot immediately makes three more changes: Geertruida, Jahanbakhsh and Nelson replace Pedersen, Sinisterra and Toornstra.

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

66 'The first substitution on the Rotterdam side: super-sub Cyriel Dessers comes in for Bryan Linssen.

in 2 days

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

63 'PEC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou has to take action again.

The Greek taps an excellent shot from Tyrell Malacia out of his goal.

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

It is no longer very high-quality football in the second half, as Feyenoord coach Arne Slot also sees.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

57 'Another chance for Willem II midfielder Driess Saddiki.

After a pass from Leeroy Owusu, he finally works the ball against his own arm.

Feyenoord-PEC · in 2 days

52 'The start of the second half of Feyenoord-PEC is quite calm.

Both goalkeepers see it all happening from a distance.

Eredivisie in 2 days

Kick off second half!

The ball rolls again in Rotterdam and Heerenveen.

in 2 days

RKC Waalwijk-Ajax · in 2 days


Steven Berghuis had to miss the matches with the Dutch national team, but will start again at Ajax immediately after the international match.

The 33-time international starts at 'ten', which means that Davy Klaassen is on the bench.

Ajax setup:


Mazraoui, Timber, Martinez, Blind;

Gravenberch, Álvarez, Berghuis;

Anthony, Haller, Tadic.

RKC Waalwijk-Ajax · in 2 days

Ajax has arrived in Waalwijk, where kick-off is at 4.45 pm.

Waiting for the lineups!

🏟📌 #rkcaja


Author AFC AjaxMoment of places14: 13 - 21 November 2021

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days


Feyenoord waltzes in-house over a hopeless PEC Zwolle.

Goals from Bryan Linssen (2x), Luis Sinisterra and Guus Til lead the team from Rotterdam to 4-0 halfway through.

The visitors really have nothing to contribute and will have to limit the damage in the second half.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days


Ten from Heerenveen and a team from Willem II are looking for the dressing room in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

Despite the number, the Frisians are more dangerous, but have not yet been able to convert that into goals: 0-0.

in 2 days

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

Guus Til jumps into the air after he put Feyenoord at 4-0.

The midfielder now also has eight goals, which puts him back next to teammate Bryan Linssen at the top of the top scorers list in the Eredivisie.

Given the defense of PEC, it is certainly not inconceivable that both Feyenoord players can continue to work on their production this afternoon.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

40 'Feyenoord continues to chase for more goals, but fortunately for PEC, not every chance is successful.

An Aursnes shot, after a good attack over several targets, flies over Lamprou's goal.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

37 'Is Heerenveen or Willem II on the field with a lower number?

It is really the Frisians with one less man, but they continue to create opportunities.

Now it is Filip Stevanović, who just misses a huge opportunity.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

A pained look at PEC trainer Dick Schreuder, who seems unable to avoid a big defeat in his debut even before halftime.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

32' Henk Veerman!

The striker is not in the best phase of his career, but even then he could have made this chance.

He comes face to face with Willem II goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther, but fails to give the Frisians the lead.

in 2 days

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

35' GOAL Feyenoord!


The Rotterdammers are really not hindered by the visitors and that is increasingly reflected in the score.

An attempt by Bryan Linssen to complete his hat-trick is still blocked, but in the rebound Guus Til wipes the fourth Feyenoord goal on the board.

Is Dick Schreuder already afraid of double figures on his debut as coach of PEC?

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

31' GOAL Feyenoord!


As soon as Feyenoord starts up a bit, things immediately go wrong at PEC.

Luis Sinisterra can easily pass the ball from the left, after which Bryan Linssen can slide in just as easily.

It is his eighth goal of the season, with which he is currently the top scorer in the Eredivisie.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

The match between Heerenveen and Willem II is undesirably early for Anthony Musaba.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

Luis Sinisterra pushes in the 2-0.

Supported by the early lead, Feyenoord has nothing to fear from PEC, which shows once again why it is firmly at the bottom.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

21' Red Heerenveen!

The Frisians have to continue at home against Willem II.

Musaba, who has just received his first yellow card, gets a little wild in his direct opponent and gets his second yellow from Serdar Gözübüyük.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

21 'Van den Berg has to be treated for a nosebleed after he (unintentionally) gets Sinisterra's elbow in his face.

The defensive defense of Zwolle therefore misses a pawn for a while.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

This is what the unclear situation looked like for Heerenveen's goal.

Saddiki seemed to be able to shoot the ball, but saw his attempt hit the post.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

Bryan Linssen scores the opening goal on behalf of Feyenoord.

The Rotterdammers are now sitting on roses thanks to Luis Sinisterra (and poor defense by PEC).

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

14' Lat!

Chaos in front of the goal with Heerenveen goalkeeper Xavier Mous.

Wriedt first hits the bar, after which Driess Saddiki's attempt hits the post in the rebound.

Heerenveen will get away with it!

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

14 'PEC reports for the first time near Feyenoord's goal.

A half-hit volley from Saymak can easily be caught by Bijlow.

In the counterstroke, Linssen is close to his second goal, but Lamprou gets his hand behind the shot.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

9' GOAL Feyenoord!


Feyenoord's dream start is quickly taking shape.

Luis Sinisterra seems to play the ball too far ahead of himself, but still retains possession due to half-baked intervention by Rav van den Berg and Mees de Wit.

Then it is not difficult for the Colombian to find the far corner and double the margin.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

5 'The first chance at Heerenveen-Willem II is for the visitors.

Kwasi Wriedt cuts himself free, but his shot is prey for goalkeeper Xavier Mous.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

6' GOAL Feyenoord!


Feyenoord gives Dick Schreuder an annoying first minutes as coach of PEC Zwolle.

Orkun Kökçü puts away Bryan Linssen with a good ball, who then hits the point in the short corner.

It is already his seventh goal in the Eredivisie this season for the occasional striker of the Rotterdam team.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

Dick Schreuder makes his debut as coach of PEC Zwolle today.

Alfred Schreuder's brother is the successor to Art Langeler, who resigned at the beginning of this week.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · in 2 days

It also remains a sad sight in De Kuip: empty stands.

In Rotterdam, too, supporters have gathered outside the stadium to set off fireworks and sing, hoping to support their club from a distance.

Eredivisie in 2 days

kick off!

The ball rolls into De Kuip and the Abe Lenstra Stadium, Feyenoord-PEC and Heerenveen-Willem II have started.

sc Heerenveen-Willem II · in 2 days

Line-up sc Heerenveen

: Mous;

Van Ewijk, Dresevic, Bakker, Kaib;

Madsen, Halilovic, J. Veerman;

Musaba, H. Veerman, Stevanovic. 

Setup Willem II

: Wellenreuther;

Owusu, Michelis, Jenssen, Kohn;

Saddiki, Svensson, Roemeratoe;

Nunnely, Wriedt, Kohlert.

Eredivisie in 2 days

At Feyenoord, goalkeeper Justin Bijlow is fit enough to start.

The goalkeeper had to miss the last international match of Orange due to an injury.

PEC misses captain Bram of Polen with a hamstring injury. 


up Feyenoord

: Bijlow;

Pedersen, Trauner, Senesi, Malacia;

Aursnes, Til, Kokcu;

Toornstra, Linssen, Sinisterra

Setup PEC Zwolle

: Lamprou;

Nakayama, Kersten, Van den Berg, Paal;

Saymak, Strieder, Huiberts;

Adzic, Tedic, DeWit.

Eredivisie in 2 days

Kick-off will be in Rotterdam and Friesland in fifteen minutes.

Feyenoord wants to maintain the connection with the top and has to settle with PEC Zwolle for this.

SC Heerenveen and Willem II meet in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

Go Ahead Eagles-FC Groningen · in 2 days

Hard fought victory Groningen over Go Ahead

FC Groningen has an equally rewarding and hard fought victory over a visit to Go Ahead Eagles.

In an at times tough match, Jørgen Strand Larsen crowns himself the match winner, by sliding in the only goal shortly after the break.

Go Ahead then comes out of the shell a bit more and gets chances to equalize.

However, the chances for the Deventers shrink due to red cards for Iñigo Córdoba and Joris Kramer, after which Groningen takes the third victory of the season.

Go Ahead Eagles-FC Groningen · in 2 days


FC Groningen records a hard-fought 1-0 win at Go Ahead Eagles.

Shortly after the break, Jørgen Strand Larsen scored the only goal of the at times annoying match.

The home team then tries to fight to a point, but counteracts itself with red cards for Iñigo Córdoba and Joris Kramer.

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