The Marcel-Picot stadium hosted Rodez and Nancy for the 16th day of Ligue 2. With a final score of 2 to 0, the Sang et Or won this match.

Peyrelade's team played in a rather offensive 3-5-2, with a Bonnet-Dembélé duo in attack against the 3-4-3 Nancy of Pedretti, with Thiam and Biron in attack.

Rodez, thanks to Leborgne, opened the scoring in the 24th from the penalty spot.

Finally, in the 31st, Chougrani scored the last goal of the match for the benefit of the RAF, from the penalty spot.

There was no goal in the second half.

Boissier received a yellow card, as well as Biron.

Rodez's victory in this last match won him 2 places, allowing him to overtake Niort.

The club is now in 8th position.

The defeat suffered by Nancy blocks the team in the trio at the end of the classification.

Nancy and Rodez: the next matches

For his next match, Rodez will face Nîmes at the Paul-Lignon stadium on December 3 at 9 p.m.

For her part, Nancy will meet Quevilly RM on the same day at exactly the same time, at Robert Diochon.

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The match in brief: line-up, goals and refereeing

Nancy - Rodez: 0-2 (0-2 at half-time)

In Nancy (Marcel-Picot stadium), on November 20, kick off at 7 p.m.

Rodez trainer: Laurent Peyrelade

Composition of Rodez: Lionel Mpasi-Nzau (16), Joris Chougrani (21), Bradley Danger (14), Pierre Bardy (4), Julien Celestine (2), Jordan Leborgne (18) [then Adilson Malanda in the 80th], Nassim Ouammou (7), Rémy Boissier (6) [then Lorenzo Rajot in the 74th], Lucas Buadés (19), Ugo Bonnet (11), Malaly Dembélé (9) [then Florian David in the 74th]

Nancy coach: Benoît Pedretti

Composition of Nancy: Nathan Trott (16), Saliou Ciss (23), Shaquil Delos (22), William Bianda (19), Thomas Basila (4), Abdelhamid El Kaoutari (3), Sieben Dewaele (28) [then Grégoire Lefebvre in the 79th], Ogou Akichi (24) [then Giovanni Haag in the 55th], Elliot Simoes (17) [then Lamine Cisse in the 63rd], Mamadou Thiam (10) [then Vinni Dugary Triboulet in the 79th], Mickaël Biron (7) [then Andrew Jung in the 63rd]

Goals: Leborgne (24th sp), Chougrani (31st sp)

Warnings: Biron (58th) for Nancy, Boissier (37th) for Rodez

No player sent off

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