Yan Bingtao defeated No. 1 in the world and entered the semi-finals of the snooker crown

  In the early morning of November 18th, Beijing time, in the third group final of the 2021 Snooker Championship in Bolton, England, the Chinese teenager Yan Bingtao defeated the four-time World Championship champion 6-3 and now the world number one Mark. Selby, in this event gathered almost all the top snooker masters, reached the semifinals and waited for his opponents in the semifinals.

  The opponents of the other semi-finals have already emerged, Trump and Karen Wilson, they can be said to be players in good shape.

Yan Bingtao’s semi-final opponents will be selected from the fourth group. This group will include “Rocket” O’Sullivan, Chinese snooker “leader” Ding Junhui and other famous players. The first player in the group will compete with Yan Bingtao for the finals.

The 16 players participating in the championship game are divided into 4 groups, and the first place in each group can enter the semi-finals.

The winner of the fourth group will be decided in the early morning of November 19th, Beijing time.

  When talking about the opponent he was looking forward to, Yan Bingtao didn't mention "Brother" Ding Junhui.

Yan Bingtao said: "I think I would rather face Ronnie O'Sullivan in the semifinals. Every time you play against Ronnie, he is very different. You come here, you have to beat those champions. Win the championship."

  In the third group semifinals, Yan Bingtao defeated World Championship champion Sean Murphy 4-1, showing an excellent competitive form.

In the competition for the top place in the group, Yan Bingtao met the difficult "King of Grinding" Selby after only 13 days. In the recent English Open, Yan Bingtao narrowly defeated the opponent by 4 to 3. The match also ended with Yan Bingtao's victory. He played proactively and won the opponent 6-3.

Although Selby also made the 700th single stroke over 100 in his career, Yan Bingtao is undoubtedly the person who performed even better. He blasted 140 points in the 8th inning for this championship. The first high score.

After the game, Yan Bingtao said in an interview with British media: "I am very surprised. Every time I play against Mark Selby, it is a very difficult game. He is very strong in security and control. Every time I play against Mark Selby. It’s been very difficult for me and Mark this time-except tonight, I played very well and I am happy for myself. I like to play here and I like to have spectators."

  Yan Bingtao has become more and more confident on the table, and it has become more and more accustomed to him to beat snooker table masters. He is looking forward to the championship game where he can go further.

  Text/Reporter Liu Ailin