To celebrate Otani's MVP award, Tokyo Tower was lit up in the team color of the Angels of his team.

This was planned by the Japanese subsidiary of the Major League Baseball, and was colored with bright light based on the Angels team color red at 5:17 pm on the 19th, named after Otani's uniform number "17". I did.

On the side, a message celebrating "Celebration 17" and Otani's achievement was also displayed.

On the streets of Minato-ku, Tokyo, where you can see the Tokyo Tower, many passers-by stopped and took pictures with their mobile phones when the lights started.

A woman in her twenties who is a fan of Otani and has been to the United States to watch the game many times said, "I was cheering on the spot last season, but I was disappointed with the results. I believed I would take it, but the moment I heard the award, I was really happy. I really like the fact that the heart is kind, not to mention the play. "

In addition, a boy student who goes to a high school in Tokyo said, "I respect him as the same sportsman who did not give up even if he was frustrated once. I think. "

The light-up will be held until midnight on the 20th.