The second round of the Speed ​​Skating World Cup began in Norway on the 19th, with Miho Takagi in second place and Nao Kodaira in third place at 1000 meters for women, both of whom went up to the podium in two consecutive races.

The second round of the World Cup of speed skating that started in Norway was held on the first day of the tournament on the 19th, of which Kodaira, who won the silver medal in this event of the Pyeongchang Olympics at 1000 meters for women, and Japan as a bronze medalist. Record holder Takagi participated.

Kodaira, who appeared in the 9th group out of 10 groups, slipped in the same group as Brittany Bowe of the United States, who won the first round of the World Cup this season.

Kodaira showed tenacity with a low slide that dropped the center of gravity until the end, but Bow was able to finish in 1 minute 15 seconds 16 with a 1 second difference.

Takagi, who appeared in the final 10th group, passed 600 meters in the 8th time of the whole, but he made use of his endurance and slipped powerfully to the end, surpassing Kodaira's time of 1 minute 15 seconds 01. I finished.

As a result, Takagi came in 2nd and Kodaira came in 3rd, and went up to the podium following the first World Cup match.

The winner was Bow, an American player, who won the World Cup this season at 1'14.16 and won the women's 1000 meters for the second time in a row.

Takagi "I didn't reach the passing score I thought"

Miho Takagi, who finished 2nd in two consecutive World Cup races, said, "I feel like I was able to take the plunge from the start to 200 meters, but I couldn't reach the top speed in the part where I got on the sharpness and speed of my body. I don't think I've reached the passing score I expected in this race. "

Kodaira "Skating is getting better"

Nao Kodaira, who finished third in the women's 1000 meters following the first round of the World Cup, said, "I was able to return to a position I couldn't think of last year when I was on the podium for two consecutive races. I think that the fact that 1000 meters is getting better means that skating is getting better, "he said.