Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels was selected as the MVP = Most Valuable Player to be given to the most active player this season.

This is the second Japanese player to receive the award for the first time in 20 years since Ichiro received the award, and the award with a full vote is the first in six years in the major leagues.

Angels officials congratulate you

Following Otani's MVP award, Angels officials made congratulatory comments.

"Shohei came to the United States to play dual wield and achieved the highest level. This award will motivate him to go even further than he has achieved so far. At the end of the season. I can't wait to see how he contributes to our goal of playing and winning. "

"Shohei had an outstanding season. It was an honor to see him trying to improve his skills on the ground every day. This award is quite natural," said Minassian General Manager. I am.

In addition, Trout, who has won three MVPs in the past and congratulated Otani on his Twitter account, said, "Shohei's season was just shocking. I feel like I'm back in Little League. I threw eight times. It's unbelievable to see a player hitting a home run, stealing, and defending Wright. What impresses me most is his behavior on and off the ground. I'm doing it with a smile. Congratulations, Shohei! "

Extras in Iwate, my hometown

In Iwate prefecture, where I was born, extras of newspapers were distributed, and people who passed by received them one after another.

"Iwate Nippo Co., Ltd.", headquartered in Morioka City, distributed extra 35,000 copies in various parts of the prefecture.

In the extra, headlines such as "Mitsuto Otani MVP" and "Dual wield" major sweeping "were posted in large numbers, and people who visited shopping in front of the department store in the center of Morioka received them.

A woman in her 50s who came from Miyako City received an extra and said, "Otani is said to be a wonderful human being and a hard worker, so I'm really glad that he was selected as an MVP. Don't get hurt next season. I want you to play an active role. "

A woman in her 70s in Morioka said, "I think that Otani from Iwate won the MVP in the major leagues is a hope for the children of Iwate. I hope you will continue to do your best."

Hanamaki Higashi High School Director Sasaki "Comprehensive evaluation"

Hiroshi Sasaki, director of Iwate and Hanamaki Higashi High School, who was a high school teacher, said, "In addition to baseball skills, I was able to comprehensively evaluate the personality as a person and the influence that changed insane into common sense with the dual wield of throwing. I think, "he said, praising his students.

Otani's mother school, Hanamaki Higashi High School's baseball club, is coordinating in Tokyo to participate in the Meiji Jingu Tournament, which will start on the 20th.

In response to the MVP award, Director Sasaki responded to the interview by saying, "In addition to baseball skills, I think that you were able to comprehensively evaluate your personality as a person and the influence that changed insane into common sense with the dual wield of throwing. I'm very happy and really amazing, "he said, praising his students.

"When I was in high school, my goal was to play an active part in the major leagues and to get a ball speed of 160 kilometers, but the MVP was beyond my imagination. "Become a player of the game", so I thought he went to the place he was drawing. "

Also, regarding the future, "I think that I am still spending my time with the feeling that I will surpass myself yesterday, regardless of records and numbers, so I want you to do your best with the same attitude, and to be a model for children other than baseball. I want you to have a positive impact on me. "

Prime Minister Kishida "I am very proud of being a nation of great achievements."

Prime Minister Kishida told reporters on the morning of the 19th when he entered the Prime Minister's Office, "It is a great achievement and I am very proud of the people."

When asked by reporters about whether to award the National Honor Award, he said, "I just heard the news and I would like to think about how to express my congratulations."