Anicet Mbida 6:55 am, November 19, 2021

Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Friday, he is interested in a novelty that will be offered in a few weeks on all iPhone, with version 15.2 of the system.

Nude photos will be automatically blurred on SMS.

The government wants parental controls to be installed by default on all phones, computers and tablets used by children.

Some manufacturers have already taken the lead.

Soon, nude photos will be automatically blurred on text messages.

The option arrives in a few weeks on all iPhones, with version 15.2 of the system.

Rest assured, not for everyone.

Only for accounts designated by parents as being used by minors.

As soon as a photo is sent or received by the Messages application, it will be analyzed by the device.

And if there is too much visible flesh or private parts, the image will be totally blurred.

With a small message displayed below: "Warning, this content could offend the sensitivity". 

But if he's wrong (it happens)?

If it's a painting or a sculpture?

We can still display the photo thanks to a small button placed right next to the message.

A child could therefore see it.

But then we will tell him "are you sure?

Private parts are supposed to be hidden.

We may have sent this photo to hurt you… ”And if he really insists on seeing it, he will have the option of contacting a trusted person to talk about it.

But Apple ensures that nothing leaves the device and that all data is encrypted.

Are the parents notified?

It was originally planned.

But child protection associations opposed it.

They were afraid of the reaction of some parents who could be violent.

The option was therefore withdrawn.

It's not just Apple that's interested in the subject.

The Japanese Tone Mobile also offers an anti-nudity phone.

And he goes much further since the camera refuses to take naked pictures.

As soon as you try, the image is blurry.

The idea is pretty good.

We talk a lot about the protection of minors.

But we could also imagine a "soul" mode that prevents sending things that we would end up regretting