The ex-SHL team leads the table with eleven points after 17 rounds and has only one loss this fall.

Only Björklöven has defeated HV. 

- There is nothing better than a shootout at the home arena.

We have Sweden's best fans, says two-goal shooter Taylor Matson in sounding Swedish while the rhymes rolled around in Husqvarna Garden to C More.

Fourth win against AIK

In the locker room, they sang about how much they loved HV and how much they hated AIK.

Goalkeeper Jonas Gunnarsson saved 30 shots and was humble afterwards.

- It was a nice Friday night with a large audience in Garden.

The guys helped me out there.

We saw it as a Game 4. To be completely honest, a match like this can be easier than others where we dominate more and it was important to be mentally connected, says goalkeeper Jonas Gunnarsson after the fourth win against AIK this season.

AIK coach: "We should have had lighter fluid"

AIK's coach Anton Blomqvist was overall disappointed afterwards.

- I am very disappointed, even though HV is a great team, they play in their own league.

But with that said.

I think we were good at home at Hovet.

We had 7,000 against us, 24 on their bench.

Everyone wanted to see us lose.

We should have had lighter fluid but I do not see that glow after the first period and it makes me deeply self-critical that I can not light the players.

There are too few players who are good today, says Blomqvist.

In the final minutes, AIK's Alexander Deilert and HV's Max Wennlund clashed in a violent fight, where the AIK player bled profusely and the ice had to be scraped clean.

Both received match penalties.