Soon a year of Mauricio Pochettino at PSG, and always this impression that the Argentine coach is struggling to impose the ideas that were his at Tottenham and we lead to play a Champions League final with the Spurs.

A question of staff, of ego to manage?

A priori, it does not seem to bother "Poche".

One would have to be crazy to complain about having such a workforce, despite obvious shortcomings in certain positions.

The real data that poses a problem for the Parisian coach, and he has been repeating it since his arrival, is that of the long term.

That of Klopp's project in Liverpool, "a club that gave him the tools he wanted and gave him time", as he said in an interview published on Friday by



“At PSG, the project is to win, and to win now.

»No time, no plan.

No project, no project.

“We arrived here [at PSG] to adapt and win with the structure and characteristics of the players who are there.

It is very different.


"We are a staff who has a defined style"

We would like to know what this time corresponds to, to quantify it, because all the same, we repeat, we too, it has been a year since Pochettino has been on the Parisian bench and we are often bored in front of the game proposed by his team.

Without panache, without style.

An opinion widely shared by the followers of PSG and which also has the gift of annoying the person concerned.

“We are a staff who has a defined style, a philosophy, ideas.

[In Paris], we are in a process.

We arrived in January, there was a different team structure.

This summer, other types of players have arrived, and they may force you to take more time to achieve the style you are aiming for.

It remains to be seen how long this will take.


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