Sumo Kyushu place is the 5th day.

Yokozuna Terunofuji won Takanosho with a good throw and won five consecutive victories from the first day.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Abi is pushed down by Abi in the sky and sea, and he has won 5 consecutive victories.

▽ Chiyomaru extrudes Shohozan to Chiyomaru.

▽ Chiyo no Kuni is the number one retake in the sea of ​​Sada, and Chiyo no Kuni is close to it.

▽ Tochinoshin is close to Tochinoshin.

Tochinoshin had been closed from the first day due to back pain, but he participated from the 18th and gave a white star.

▽ Kaisei is close to Toyoyama.

▽ Chiyo Tairyu is pushed out by Hokutofuji.

▽ Hidenoumi is sent to Ishiura by Hidenoumi.

▽ Terutsuyoshi throws at Aoiyama.

▽ Shosaru won Kotonowaka by pushing out Shosaru.

▽ Ura takes Chiyoshoma in Ura.

▽ Tamawashi is pushed out by Kotoe Mitsu.

▽ Takayasu is close to Hoshoryu.

▽ Endo hits Shimanoumi.

▽ Takarafuji won Abusaki by pushing it down.

▽ Daieishō is pushed out to Ichinojo.

▽ Akio is pushed down by Akio on Mt. Kiriba.

▽ Wakatakakage is close to Mitakeumi.

Mitakeumi is now the first black star in the place.

▽ Myogiryu and Ozeki Takakeishō is the 5th straight win with Takakeishō pushing out.

▽ Ozeki Masayo won the Okinoumi Ayumi with a close-knit victory.

▽ Yokozuna Terunofuji's victory over Takanofuji is 5 consecutive victories, with Terunofuji winning with a good throw.

At the Kyushu place, after the 5th day of the early stage, Yokozuna Terunofuji, Ozeki Takakeishō, and Hirakume Abi won 5 consecutive victories.