Daichi Ohsera, an ace pitcher who served as the opening pitcher for professional baseball in Hiroshima for the third consecutive year, has decided to remain without exercising the rights of FA = free agent limited to domestic transfers acquired this season. I found out.

In April, Ohsera newly acquired the FA right limited to domestic transfer, "I was able to acquire it with the support of many people. When it is time to think, I would like to think again at that time." And did not decide whether to exercise the rights of FA.

According to the people concerned, after the season ended, as a result of continuing discussions with the team side, pitcher Ohsera decided to stay in Hiroshima.

Pitcher Ohsera is 30 years old.

This season, his eighth year as a professional pitcher, he was nominated as the captain of the pitching team and served as the opening pitcher for the third consecutive year.

In the first half of this season, I wasn't feeling well because I left the team for a while due to a strain on my right calf in April, but in the second half I pulled the team that was sluggish as a starting rotation pillar and won 10 wins ahead of 23 games. Marked 5 losses and a double-digit victory for the first time in 2 years.