Professional baseball manager Hatsuhiko Tsuji reported to the owner about this season when he finished at the bottom, "I think that the experience of young players was a big plus, so I will do my best to win next season." Said.

On the 16th, Seibu coach Tsuji met with Takashi Goto owner at the Seibu Holdings headquarters in Tokyo for about 30 minutes, and reported on the battle of this season, which was the lowest since 1979, 42 years ago.

After the meeting, Director Tsuji told media companies that "There were times when it was difficult for us to fight, but we had more opportunities to give young players more chances. Young players gained experience. I think it was a big plus, so I will do my best to win the championship next season. "

Also, when asked about the new coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who is in charge of Nippon-Ham Fighters in the same Pacific League, he said, "I think it will make a big wave in the baseball world. Professional baseball fans will pay attention to it, and I'm looking forward to it from now on." Did.

After that, he jokingly said, "I wonder if this should be a little flashy too. I'll think about it."

On the other hand, the owner Goto said, "I want the team to work as one to win the league next season and aim for the best in Japan since 2008. We will do our best to support it."