At the draft meeting of professional baseball, many pitchers of Kansai University of International Studies, who were nominated as the first place by the giant, signed a provisional contract and talked about their enthusiasm, saying, "I want to raise the level so that I can become a player who matches the evaluation." Did.

Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, pitcher Okada of Kansai University of International Studies is a right-handed pitcher who controls changing balls such as forkballs and sliders around a straight with a maximum speed of 157 km, and was nominated by the giant at the draft meeting last month. ..

On the 15th, negotiations for joining the team were held at a hotel in Kobe City, and in each case, a temporary contract was signed with an estimated contract fee of 100 million yen, a piecework payment of 50 million yen, and an annual salary of 16 million yen.

Pitcher Okada said, "I was able to realize that I became a professional baseball player. I received a high evaluation of being No. 1 in the draft, so I raised the level further so that I could become a player who matched the evaluation, and next season I want to welcome you. "

It was announced by Scout Director Katsuhito Mizuno that the uniform number was decided to be "15", which was assigned by pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura, who currently belongs to the Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

Pitcher Okada said, "I feel that the jersey number in the 10s is the number assigned by the player who has to throw in the main force, so I want to be a player who is not ashamed of the jersey number." Did.