The Japanese national soccer team was revived by defeating Vietnam, led by coach Park Hang-seo, 1-0 in the final qualifying round of the World Cup.

After winning two consecutive games, Japan moved up one place to third place in the group.

Despite the warm support of the Vietnamese home fans, Japan took the lead.

In the 17th minute of the first half, Minamino digs into the left flank, and Junya Ito pushes the ball low and fast with his left foot.

Vietnam counterattacked under coach Park Hang-seo's passionate guidance, but failed to open the goal of Japan in the end.

After winning two consecutive wins, Japan jumped to third place in the group and saved hopes for advancing to the World Cup finals, while Vietnam fell into a five-game losing streak.


Iran, in the same group as Korea, won a thrilling comeback victory.

In the second half, which was drawn 1-0, in extra time, Azmun scored an equalizing goal, and just before the end, he scored a theater goal that turned the game around.

Iran maintained the lead in the group, and the third-placed Lebanon had a gap of 6 points with second-placed Korea.