Then the qualifier is played:

11-14 November in Luleå.

Participating nations:

Sweden, France, Slovakia and South Korea.

This is how it is decided:

All teams meet everyone.

The group winner is ready for the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022.

This is how SVT broadcasts:

Thursday 11 November:

SVT2 / Play, 18.50-20.00: Slovakia-Sweden

SVT2 / Play, 20.00-21.15: Slovakia-Sweden

Saturday 13 November:

SVT1 / Play, 15.50-17.50: Sweden-South Korea

SVT2 / Play, 17.50-18.15: Sweden-South Korea

Sunday 14 November:

SVT2 / Play, 19.00-19.30: Sweden-France

SVT24 / Play, 19.30-21.15: Sweden-France

The SVT expert comments:

Sweden's chances:

- Sweden are heavy favorites.

It will be played about, but on paper, Sweden will move on.

Qualification is incredibly important for Sweden.

The women's crowns need to play both the Olympics and the World Cup, and this is a first step to get back to the fine room.

Sweden beat France 8-0 in a training match, and in the name of honesty, it is only the mental that Sweden should be able to get away with, says SVT's expert Maria Rooth.

The Swedish squad:

- I think that Sweden might line up with the, on paper, the best team in the last two years.

Maja Nylén-Persson is the most brilliant star in the team.

She is still young, but a clear leader based on the way she plays.

She is offensively skilled and the big name in the squad as I see it.

Then Sweden has players like Josefine Bouveng who is perhaps the player with the greatest future opportunities and Emma Nordin who becomes important with her routine.

She is a carrier of culture and always comes in with the right attitude.

The resistance:

- Slovakia is a bit like the Herrisdan.

Plays with fast game turns and is a bit tricky.

They may look pretty lazy, but suddenly it slams out of nowhere.

Has some players in Swedish division one and Nicol Lucak Cupkova from the Russian league who stands out.

- South Korea has an extremely young team, which does not play much internationally.

But they are very disciplined and follow their system slavishly, almost like puppets.

It is a team that stands up well, but there Sweden should have no problems to win.

- France has two players from Modo, Marion Allemoz and Lore Baudrit who are the most important players in the team.

France sacrifices itself ruthlessly and can change the game quite quickly.

Have defeated Sweden once, but then Sweden did not have this team.

Meets Sweden in a match that can be all or nothing, but then only the brain ghosts can disturb Sweden.

KLIPP: "Would definitely say that we are favorites in the group" (November 10)

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Emma Nordin ahead of Damkronorna's Olympic qualifiers.

Photo: Bildbyrån