Then it is decided:

November 10-14.

Apart from Sweden's initial match against the Czech Republic, which is played in Linköping, all matches will be decided in Helsinki.

History and facts about Karjala Tournament:

Participating nations are Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Sweden.

- First played in 1992, then under the name Sauna Cup and later called Karjala Cup until 1996.

- Part of the Euro Hockey Tour as one of four national team tournaments during the season together with Channel One Cup, Czech Hockey Games and Beijer Hockey Games.

- Sweden has won the tournament four times, most recently in 2015.

- Home nation Finland has the most tournament wins, eleven.

- Defending champion is Russia.

This is how SVT broadcasts:

10 november:

SVT2 / Play, 18.50-20.00: Sweden-Czech Republic

SVT24 / Play, 20.00-21.30: Sweden-Czech Republic

13 november:

SVT1 / Play, 12.55-15.30: Russia-Sweden

14 november:

SVT1 / Play, 16.20-18.00: Finland-Sweden

SVT2 / Play, 18.00-19.00: Finland-Sweden

SVT:s team under Karjala Tournament:

Commentator: Chris Härenstam.

Expert: Håkan Loob.

In the studio: Marie Lehmann and Mikael Renberg.

Three inquiries about Tre Kronor:

Chances in the tournament:

- It is always difficult to say who will win a tournament like this.

I am more curious about which players take the chance to play in the national team.

Those who can handle the pace at a slightly higher level than the SHL, where it goes a little faster and everyone is a little better.

For Sweden and Johan Garpenlöv, it is about finding a framework for the World Cup later this spring that can perform internationally.

This is Johan's last chance, and Sweden cannot afford another missed World Cup quarter-final, says SVT commentator Chris Härenstam.


- A mixture of inexperienced and experienced.

The squad is interesting and I think it will do well.

How good is Rögle's Anton Bengtsson internationally?

He has started the season very well in the SHL and CHL.

Then it will be extremely interesting to see Lars Johansson in the national team again.

He is probably Europe's best goalkeeper outside the NHL.

Then it is as always with Tre Kronor, who scores the goals?


- Christian Folin will be very interesting to follow.

He should be a backbeat even in Tre Kronor.

And then we have Gustaf Lindvall who has had a great development in Skellefteå, who is very good at developing goalkeepers.

I'm also excited to see Calle Själin.

Leksand's coach Björn Hellqvist said before the season that he will have a big breakthrough, and he has sometimes been dominant, says Chris Härenstam.

KIPP: Garpenlöv: "Debutants, but experienced" (November 2)

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Leksand's Calle Själin makes his debut in Tre Kronor in the Karjala Tournament.

Photo: Bildbyrån