The final round of the men's golf domestic tour was held in Hyogo Prefecture, and Yosuke Asaji, who came out of 3rd place, won the tour for the first time in two years.

Asachi started the final round on the 7th in 3rd place, one stroke behind the lead, and won the championship with 7 birdies and 3 bogies, increasing the score by 4 and a total of 16 under.

Asachi has won the championship since 2019 and is the third win on the tour.

Mikimu Horikawa and Tomohiro Ishizaka, who started side by side in the lead, came in second with a two-stroke difference, and Shingo Katayama came in fourth with a one-stroke difference.

Hiroyo Ikemura, who won the tournament last week, was 38th, and Ryosuke Kinoshita, who was the top prize money player, was 43rd.