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My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about today's Eredivisie matches.

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  • Fortuna-PSV 


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    Ajax-Go Ahead

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  • Groningen-RKC 1-1

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

80' Ai, Carlos Vinicius.

The striker can take care of 1-4 from close by... or rather: he has to do that.

But his header goes wide.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

76' GOAL Fortune! 


There is an answer from Fortuna quite quickly.

Tijjani Noslin is found in the depths and goes around goalkeeper Drommel.

The Fortuna player then shoots the ball from a difficult angle against the post, but via Ramalho the ball still disappears - unlucky for PSV - into the goal.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days



Now the victory is completely in the bag of PSV.

Carlos Vinícius does not reach the pass of Marco van Ginkel, but Ibrahim Sangaré does.

From this close it is better to miss than to score and Sangaré does not do that.

The VAR is still checking whether Sangaré was offside at the time of play, but that appears not to be the case.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

66 'George Cox prevents the match from being completely devoid of tension.

With an intervention on the goal line, the left back of Fortuna Sittard prevents substitute Marco van Ginkel from heading in the 0-3 for PSV.

Feyenoord-AZ · in 2 days

There are no surprises at AZ for the away match against Feyenoord.

That means Jordy Clasie is once again crossing swords with his old childhood sweetheart.

The midfielder played 195 games in the first team of Feyenoord before he ended up at AZ via Club Brugge and Southampton.


up AZ: 


Sugawara, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Midtsjø, De Wit, Clasie;

Gudmundsson, Pavlidis, Karlsson.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

61 'There, Bruma almost makes his second goal of the afternoon.

The Portuguese substitute has the corner to choose, but at the moment supreme he slips away.

And so Fortuna can in the nick of time defuse the danger.

It seems like a postponement of execution, because PSV is a lot stronger than the Limburg home team.

Feyenoord-AZ · in 2 days

Pedersen back in Feyenoord base against AZ

Marcus Pedersen returns in Feyenoord's line-up for the loaded home game against AZ.

The right-back started last Thursday in the Conference League game against Union Berlin on the bench because he was not completely fit, but apparently he is armpit fresh again.

Coach Arne Slot faces a fraught match against his former employer, who fired him when it became clear that he was in talks with Feyenoord.


up Feyenoord:


Pedersen, Trauner, Senesi, Malacia;

Aursnes, Til, Kokcu;

Toornstra, Linssen, Sinisterra.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days



Fortuna Sittard may have come out of the dressing room strong, but it is PSV that doubles its lead and closes the game.

André Ramalho pecks the ball over Fortuna Sittard's defense and finds the sprinting Bruma, who does not fail from close range.

The substitutes will most likely help PSV to a victory over Fortuna Sittard.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

51 'Fortuna Sittard came out of the dressing room very well and put PSV against the wall for a few minutes.

It does not lead to great opportunities, but it shows that the Limburgers have not resigned themselves to a defeat against the number two in the Eredivisie.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

Kick off! 

The ball rolls again in Sittard for the second half of Fortuna Sittard-PSV.

With the visitors, Bruma came in for Philipp Mwene.

Will PSV extend further in Sittard?

Or can Fortuna give something back?

Vitesse-FC Utrecht · in 2 days

Like all previous editions, Vitesse-FC Utrecht is dominated by the eternal numbers four of both clubs: Theo Bos and David di Tommaso.

Vitesse icon Bos died in 2013 from the consequences of pancreatic cancer, while former FC Utrecht player Di Tommaso died in 2005 after an acute cardiac arrest.

Since then, Vitesse and FC Utrecht have reflected on the deceased icons in their mutual matches.

These are the lineups of both teams for the game that starts at 4:45 PM.

Vitesse line-up: 


Dasa, Dukhi, Rasmussen, Rasmussen, Wittek;

Bazoer, Tronstad, Bero;

Buitink, Frederiksen.

FC Utrecht line-up: 


Ter Avest, Janssen, Benamar, Warmerdam;

Timber, Maher, Van de Streek, Ramselaar;

Sylla, Boussaid.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

These are the statistics of the first half of Fortuna Sittard-PSV:





Shots on target:






Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days


It is not all good at PSV, but the team of trainer Roger Schmidt does lead against Fortuna Sittard by a goal from Ritsu Doan.

The Japanese started this game on the bench, but came on for the injured Jordan Teze.

That is already the eighth player in the infirmary of PSV.

Fortuna Sittard doesn't show much in-house yet.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days



Substitute Ritsu Doan gives PSV the lead in Sittard out of nowhere.

The Japanese himself is at the basis of the opening goal of the Eindhoven team and neatly rounds off a through pass from Eran Zahavi.

PSV can score even on bad days.

This is a bitter pill for Fortuna, which seemed to get better and better in the game.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

33 'Zian Flemming creates a moment that would not be out of place at

Comedy Capers


The Fortuna Sittard midfielder probably sees that PSV goalkeeper Joël Drommel is standing far in front of his goal and decides to shoot from the center line.

He does that very poorly.

The ball flies wide.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

24 'Yanick van Osch gets away very well here against his former employer.

The Fortuna Sittard goalkeeper lets a long shot from André Ramalho slip out of his hands like a hot croquette.

He then recovers just in time, so that Carlos Vinícius cannot strike in the rebound.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

20 'After the strong opening phase, the Eindhoven storm has become a faint breeze.

PSV slowly loses its grip on Fortuna Sittard and does not have any more opportunities after Jordan Teze's withdrawal.

Could Fortuna possibly cause a stunt in the Eredivisie?

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

PSV got off to a strong start in the away match against Fortuna Sittard.

The people from Eindhoven dictate the game in South Limburg, but have just had to take a big blow with Jordan Teze's injury.

With Ritsu Doan as a substitute, PSV is on the hunt for the opening goal.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

14 'There is injury number eight for PSV.

Jordan Teze feels his hamstring during a sprint and cannot continue.

Ritsu Doan prepares to take his place.

The much-discussed rotation policy of trainer Roger Schmidt will be put under a magnifying glass again.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

9 'There is the first chance for PSV.

Philipp Max breaks through on the left flank and neatly passes Carlos Vinícius, who has the ball for the shot.

The ball goes wide through a Fortuna Sittard player.

There it could have been 0-1 in Sittard.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

1 'Referee Pol van Boekel stops the game after one minute because a red smoke bomb is thrown onto the field from the branch.

After a call from the stadium speaker, the ball is rolling again.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

Kick off! 

After a minute of silence in memory of Bèr Lejeune, former chief scout of Fortuna Sittard, PSV has started the away game against Fortuna Sittard.

What do the people of Eindhoven show in South Limburg?

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

PSV is very interested in putting on a convincing performance in Sittard.

Trainer Roger Schmidt is currently not very well in Eindhoven after the disappointing game and results.

Last Thursday there was another setback.

In the Europa League, PSV did not get further than a goalless draw, which means that wintering in the second European club tournament is further out of sight.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

At PSV they can rename the club name to Medical Center West this afternoon, because trainer Roger Schmidt has a full infirmary in Sittard.

No fewer than seven players are not present this afternoon:

  • Cody Gakpo (single)

  • Davy Pröpper (single)

  • Noni Madueke (muscle)

  • Ryan Thomas (knee)

  • Armando Obispo (unknown)

  • Richard Ledezma (knee)

  • Yorbe Vertessen (ill)

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

The look in this live blog now goes to Fortuna Sittard-PSV, the only match that starts at 2.30 pm.

PSV of course wants to stay in the footsteps of Ajax and must win in any case against Fortuna Sittard, which disappoints this season with a penultimate place.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

FC Groningen avoids disgrace at Robben tribute

FC Groningen has managed to avoid disgrace against RKC during the tribute of the retiring Arjen Robben.

A goal in the final phase by Jørgen Strand Larsen makes it 1-1 in the packed Euroborg.

RKC had taken the lead in a staggeringly weak first half via Michiel Kramer.

After the break FC Groningen had the better of the game and that resulted in the justified equalizer for the team of trainer Danny Buijs.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

90 'RKC screams for a red card for Bart van Hintum when the defender slams into Saïd Bakari.

Referee Kevin Blom leaves it with 'only' a yellow card.

That could have just been red, but again the VAR does not intervene.

The extra time is at least six minutes.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

88 'FC Groningen still wants to look for the winning 2-1, but is hampered by an injury of important player Tomás Suslov.

The midfielder has problems with his lower leg and needs to be repaired by the medical staff.

Trainer Danny Buijs has already passed his five substitutions, so Suslov has to continue playing anyway.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

85' GOAL FC Groningen!


FC Groningen pumps the ball forward and that results in the rightful equalizer of substitute Jørgen Strand Larsen.

The Norwegian neatly taps in a tight cross from the right side of Mo El Hankouri from close by.

FC Groningen can breathe a sigh of relief in the full Euroborg.

Or is there more to RKC?

in 2 days

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

83 'Mo El Hankouri prevents RKC's decisive 0-2 with an intervention on the goal line.

The captain puts his foot behind the header of an RKC player just in time.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

Ten minutes left to play in the packed Euroborg and we have to wait for FC Groningen's final offensive in the hunt for the equalizer against RKC.

The team of trainer Danny Buijs is still trying to solve it by playing football, but the home team could use some more opportunism.

For example, Groningen seems to be heading for an embarrassing defeat against the puny RKC.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

77 'Melle Meulensteen makes a mistake at RKC and that almost leads to the equalizer of FC Groningen.

Mo El Hankouri puts the ball sharply in front, but finds no teammate.

Even though FC Groningen plays football until 8 p.m. tomorrow, the team of coach Danny Buijs does not seem to be able to score.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

75 'The substitute of Romano Postema is over after half an hour.

He is injured and cannot continue.

Patrick Joosten now has to do it for FC Groningen.

Eredivisie · in 2 days

Meanwhile, the news is trickling in that Ajax has reached an agreement with the family of Abdelhak Nouri about compensation.

Nouri collapsed more than four years ago during an Ajax practice match in Austria and suffered permanent brain damage partly due to reprehensible actions by the club doctor of Ajax.

It marked the end of Nouri's football career.

The family argued with Ajax for years about compensation, but it has now come after all.

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

The setup at Fortuna Sittard is also known.

There are a few changes to note in the team of trainer Sjors Ultee.

George Cox returns to the starting eleven and Nigel Lonwijk also has a base place.

This is at the expense of Emil Hansson, who starts on the bench.

Setup Fortuna: 

Van Osch;

Johansson, Angha, Pinto, Cox;

Duarte, Tekie, Rienstra, Lonwijk;

Flemming, Seuntjens.

in 2 days

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

62 'RKC shows little after the break, but does get a dot of a chance at 0-2 here.

Saïd Bakari breaks through after good preparatory work by Michiel Kramer, but the attacker fails to pull the trigger.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

60 'Finally FC Groningen comes out dangerous again, but then things go wrong again in an exemplary way.

Suslov tries to take a pass from the broken through Michael the Lion on his slipper, but he shoots into thin air.

Kasanwirjo does make an attempt, but Vaessen does not worry.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days



There it is almost twice for FC Groningen.

Suslov takes out from the edge of the penalty area, but sees RKC goalkeeper Vaessen turning his rock-hard effort.

In the ensuing attack, Vaessen saves from a watched header by Michael de Leeuw.

FC Groningen shows more in the first minutes after the break than in the entire first half.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

Kick off! 

The ball rolls back into the Euroborg for the second half of FC Groningen-RKC.

Trainer Danny Buijs intervened at FC Groningen after the lousy first half.

Romano Postema has come on for Cyriel Ngonge.

Will he make a difference?

Fortuna-PSV · in 2 days

PSV without Vertessen and with Mauro Júnior against Fortuna

PSV will play without Yorbe Vertessen in the away game against Fortuna Sittard in just over an hour.

The Belgian attacker has yet to drop out with a back injury.

Mauro Junior takes his place.

Strikingly enough, captain Marco van Ginkel has again been passed by trainer Roger Schmidt.

PSV line-up: 


Teze, Ramalho, Boscagli, Max;

Sangare, Gutierrez;

Mwene, Mauro Junior;

Zahavi, Vinicius.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

After 45 minutes of lousy football, it's nicer to look back at Arjen Robben's tribute.

The club icon was visibly moved when he said goodbye to the FC Groningen crowd before kick-off.

He will soon be going home with a large bunch of flowers and a beautiful canvas.

in 2 days

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days


Thousands of people have traveled to the Euroborg to say goodbye to Arjen Robben for the last time and that is also the highlight of the afternoon in Groningen for the time being.

The game at FC Groningen-RKC is of a staggeringly low level and belongs in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Due to a revival of Michiel Kramer, RKC leads 0-1, but that is all.

This match is a torment to the eye.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

45+1' Finally a moment of excitement.

Ngonge puts a sharp cross and through Meulensteen's foot the ball comes in front of Van Hintum's feet.

The midfielder sees his shot being turned by Vaessen.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

34 'A very nasty foul here by Ahmed Touba.

The RKC midfielder continues to stand on Daleho Irandust's ankle and gets 'only' yellow from referee Kevin Blom.

Remarkably enough, the VAR does not intervene.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

32 'It certainly does not end with FC Groningen-RKC.

The odds can be counted on the fingers of one hand and both teams' play is syrupy, sloppy and unimaginative.

The offensive impotence of FC Groningen is painful to see.

FC Groningen-RKC · in 2 days

Michiel Kramer can once again cheer after a goal in the Eredivisie.

The 32-year-old striker is having a particularly good season.

The counter now stands at five goals in the first twelve matches.

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