Friberg fell into a situation in one corner of the rim and received a cut injury to the back of the leg.

There was a lot of bleeding and he had to be led by the ice before he was taken to hospital.

Shortly after midnight, SVT Sport got hold of Frölunda's doctor Kurt Andersson, who says that the forward will be operated on:

“The extent of the damage is being investigated.

Planned operation to also get an idea of ​​what to fix, then do it in the same session.

When it will be depends on other emergency operations. ”, He writes.

Max Friberg, 28, has played in Frölunda since 2017 and was recently selected in Tre Kronor's squad for the Karjala Tournament.

CLIP: Here Max Friberg is led by the ice

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Here Max Friberg leaves the ice.

Photo: Bildbyrån