Ryoyu Kobayashi, the ace of ski jumping boys, said, "I'm looking forward to the tournament well for the winter," while it's been more than three months before the opening of the Beijing Olympics next year.

The Ski Association of Japan held a meeting in Tokyo about three months before the opening of the Beijing Olympics in February next year, and was attended by ski jumping men's ace Kobayashi and ski cross Ryu Sugai.

In addition, Akito Watabe of Ski Nordic Combined, who won the silver medal for the second consecutive Olympic Games, and Yuto Totsuka, who won the world championship last season with the men's halfpipe snowboard, participated online.

Of these, Kobayashi, who broke the record for the most wins in the World Cup for Japanese men last season, said, "I'm feeling good for winter. I'm looking forward to the Beijing jumping hill, which I've never flown to." rice field.

In addition, Watanabe said, "I'm expanding the image of the venue in Beijing. I'm hoping to win another shining medal in the actual performance. This time I have a strong desire to win a gold medal." I want to come to Beijing. "

In the future, the players will aim to participate in the Beijing tournament while participating in international tournaments such as the World Cup.