Outgoing Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus has brought forward his consultations with the KNVB.

Instead of Friday, he will discuss the recent supporter violence in professional football on Tuesday.

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In recent weeks, several matches have been marred by irregularities.

Monday at the end of the afternoon, the KNVB, the police, the judiciary and the mayors of the host cities are already meeting for an emergency meeting.

Grapperhaus had already planned a regular meeting with the KNVB on Friday, but due to the series of incidents in recent weeks, the minister has decided to bring the meeting forward.

The politician says he wants to pursue a close-knit policy and repeated on Monday that some of the football fans are behaving "seriously criminally, you can say subversive".

The minister sees three different categories of supporters that cause problems.

First, there are spectators who "screw things up" by throwing cups of beer and other objects into the stands and otherwise misbehaving.

In addition, there is a group of "new arrivals of so-called supporters" who use violence, including against the police.

A third group is guilty of threats and intimidation, for example from Feyenoord director Mark Koevermans who resigned last week.

Grapperhaus wants to tackle each of those groups hard: "That helped with the curfew riots and will really help here."

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) divides the rioters in football into three categories.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) divides the rioters in football into three categories.

Photo: ANP

Grapperhaus wants different approach for three types of rioters

Grapperhaus wants to discuss with the KNVB how the three different groups should be tackled.

The police and the judiciary will act against the first two groups, but Grapperhaus also expects clubs to play an active role in handing out stadium bans.

For the third group, the minister doubts whether stadium bans make sense.

"A number of those people are no longer even in the stadiums or have already been banned from all kinds of stadiums."