The 24th Winter Olympic Games will kick off in Beijing on February 4, 2022.

The Sports Department of launched a series of columns "Hundred Questions about Winter Olympics", aimed at popularizing Winter Olympic knowledge, answering hot questions, sharing interesting stories about ice and snow, and helping everyone have a better watching experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  The 7th Winter Olympics 100 Questions | How many new competition venues have been built for the Beijing Winter Olympics?

  Ice ribbon, snowy wish...As the Beijing Winter Olympics approach, the names of these Winter Olympic venues are becoming more and more familiar to the public.

So, how many new competition venues are there in this Winter Olympics?

Xiaoxin, this will take you to count.

  The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in the Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competitions, of which Beijing will undertake all ice events.

A total of 39 venues were used for the event, including 12 competition venues, 3 training venues, and 24 non-competition venues.

Among the 12 competition venues, 7 are newly built venues.

Overlooking the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yu

  A total of 2 new competition venues were built in the Beijing competition area.

The newly-built National Speed ​​Skating Stadium is one of the iconic venues in Beijing's main competition area and the only newly-built ice competition venue, known as the "Ice Ribbon".

  The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium used the temporary venues for hockey and archery in the 2008 Olympic Games for construction. It has the largest all-ice design in Asia, with an ice surface area of ​​12,000 square meters.

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the venue will undertake speed skating training and competitions, and a total of 14 gold medals will be produced.

Shougang Ski Jumping Platform Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is the first newly-built competition venue in the Beijing competition area. It will serve as the official competition venue for freestyle skiing and snowboarding at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The picture shows the Shougang ski jumping platform in the sunset.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  Shougang Ski Jump is another newly-built competition venue in the Beijing competition area, and it is also the only venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics to host snow events in the central city. During the competition, it will undertake the freestyle and snowboard jump events. There will be 4 gold medals in the competition. Generated here.

  After the game, it will become the world's first permanently reserved and used ski jump venue, and it will be open to the public and transformed into a sports theme park serving the public.

Departure area at the top of the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing Division.

Image source: Visual China

  The two competition venues in the Yanqing competition area are all newly built venues.

  Among them, the National Alpine Ski Center covers an area of ​​432.4 hectares, with a total of 7 tracks with a total length of 9.2 kilometers and a maximum slope of 68%. It is one of the most difficult tracks in the world.

During the competition, it will undertake competitions such as mountain downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super-giant slalom.

  The national snowmobile center track is 1975 meters long, the 17th in the world, the third in Asia, and the first snowmobile track in China.

This track consists of 16 corners with different angles and inclination, including the 360-degree roundabout circuit that is very rare in the world.

During the competition, the National Snowmobile and Sled Center will undertake all competitions for the three events: snowmobiles, steel framed snowmobiles and sleds.

Data map: The National Ski Jumping Center was unveiled.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Xiaowei

  There are three new competition venues in the Zhangjiakou competition area, namely the National Ski Jumping Center, the National Cross-Country Skiing Center, and the National Biathlon Center.

  The shape of the National Ski Jumping Center is very similar to the Chinese ornament Ruyi, so it is affectionately called "Snow Ruyi". The stadium is the competition venue with the largest construction project and the most technical difficulty in Zhangjiakou competition area.

During the competition, there will be ski jumping and Nordic biathlon competitions.

  The National Cross-Country Ski Center has a total track length of 9.7 kilometers. During the Winter Olympics, all 12 gold medals in cross-country skiing competitions will be produced in this venue.

After the Winter Olympics, the National Cross-Country Ski Center plans to become a "Mountain Park" and an "Outdoor Ice Recreation Center".

  The National Biathlon Center has a total length of 8.7 kilometers and is built along the natural terrain of the mountain. It is divided into the main race track, the Paralympic sitting track and the training track. The venue will host 11 Winter Olympic biathlon competitions. .

After the Winter Olympics, the plan will be preserved as a legacy to create training, ice and snow experience and entertainment projects while meeting the needs of national sports training and competitions.

(Bian Liqun)