At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu, the finals of each group were held, and Japan won the bronze medal in the second ball and hoop club.

In Japan, Captain Sayuri Sugimoto, Rie Matsubara, Ayuka Suzuki, Rina Imaoka, and Rinako Inagi attended.

Japan finished in 3rd place with a breathtaking move in the first event, connecting the balls one after another without major mistakes and marking 44.500.

The victory was 46.000 in the Russian Gymnastics Federation.

Also, in the following hoop club, I went through the difficult performance composition that incorporates the technique once every 2 to 3 seconds, and even in this event I marked 40.900 without major mistakes and won the bronze medal.

The victory was Italy with 42.275.

Japan is the podium for both events following the previous 2019 tournament.

Captain Sugimoto "Full of gratitude"

Sayuri Sugimoto, the captain of the Japanese national team who won the bronze medal in the second event, said, "I am very grateful to many people for their help as a captain. I still have no idea about the future. I haven't. "

In addition, Ayuka Suzuki said, "I have learned a lot so far. Next time, I want to liven up the atmosphere of the team with a strong feeling that I will lead the team." I did.