According to Timo Hildebrand, Uli Hoeneß has accepted an invitation to the vegan restaurant of the former soccer goalkeeper.

“I got a call from Uli Hoeneß on Thursday.

He called with a suppressed number, actually I don't take such calls, "said the 42-year-old Hildebrand of the Bild newspaper.

Hoeneß wanted to come over when he was in the area, "to eat with me," said Hildebrand.

The former Bayern boss recently made negative comments on the vegetarian-vegan lifestyle at “Antenne Bayern” at Sunday breakfast.

"I still accept vegetarian food a bit, vegan at all, because people only get sick in the long run," rumbled Hoeneß, who was the head of a sausage factory for many years.

When asked whether he has ever been vegetarian himself, the 69-year-old replied in the affirmative, but added: "I don't like the stuff because it contains everything that shouldn't be in a Nuremberg sausage, namely stabilizers and Flavor enhancer. "

Hoeneß also criticized people who follow a vegan diet: “The problem is that they are militant.

If you criticize them today, they will attack you ”.

Timo Hildebrand then issued an open invitation to Hoeneß on Instagram: “Dear Uli Hoeneß!

On December 15/16

the big FC Bayern plays against VfB.

I hereby cordially invite you to my purely vegan restaurant in Stuttgart.

We are not militant or sick vegans.

Bring Kalle and Oliver Kahn. "

The long-time football official and sausage producer then settled back a little and said he had no problem with vegetarians and vegans.

“It doesn't bother me at all if someone is vegan or vegetarian, but they should give me my right to eat what I want.

I only have one problem with the people who criticize the others. "Hoeneß, Hildebrand now also revealed, has now said to him:" He has nothing against vegans in general, only against those who are militant. "

Hildebrand has largely avoided animal foods for about five years.

In the summer he opened his restaurant “vhy” in the west of Stuttgart.