At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu, the all-around final was held, with Sumire Kita in 8th place and Chisaki Oiwa in 13th place.

The World Championships for Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu City will be held on the 30th of the 4th day of the tournament. 18th place Oiwa participated.

Kida scored a high score of 25.450 with his stable performance without mistakes, such as catching the balls thrown one after another in a beautiful posture that makes the best use of his long limbs with the first type of ball.

And even in the hoop of the last event, I marked 25.100, such as catching the thrown hoop with a difficult posture without mistakes.

Kida's 4th event totaled 96.450, finishing 8th.

On the other hand, Oiwa participated with pain in his right leg, but showed stable performance such as deciding a "pivot" that raises the heel and rotates with one leg in multiple events.

Oiwa marked 93.400 in total for the 4th event, moving up 5 places from the qualifying to 13th place.

The winner was Dina Averina of the Russian Gymnastics Federation, who marked 108.400, and won the tournament for the fourth consecutive time.

Kida "I tried to show what I had been practicing"

Sumire Kita commented on the overall result of the individual, "I was surprised that I didn't think I would be in 8th place before the match, and I was very happy. There were some dangers and mistakes, but I could do it without dragging. It was good. I wasn't so conscious of the score, I concentrated on my performance and tried to show what I had practiced, so I'm glad that you evaluated it in this way, "he said with a smile.

Regarding his growth over the past year, he said, "There was the Olympics, and I've been trying to be a representative. I realized that I can only practice in the game throughout the year, so if I practice I've come this far, believing that I can do it. "

Regarding Kaho Minagawa, who announced his retirement at this tournament, he said, "I have been a leader in rhythmic gymnastics in Japan. I was able to participate in the Olympics because Mr. Natsuho did his best to take the quota. I'm lonely to retire, but I'm just grateful for pulling me this far. "

Oiwa "Thanks to the audience for completing it"

Chisaki Oiwa said, "I was nervous from the first event, but I'm glad I got a better pivot than the qualifying and I was able to do each movement carefully. However, at the end of the third club, the club There was a mistake, such as dropping the club, "he recalled.

He added, "It took me some time to regain my feelings at the tournament that was held immediately after the Tokyo Olympics, and the conditions were bad. Still, I'm glad I was able to stay in the final and perform well in front of the spectators. He encouraged me and really supported me from the bottom of my heart, so I was able to help until the very end. It was thanks to the audience that I was able to complete the 4th event with pain in my right leg. I hope that the treatment will be solid and that we can move forward little by little. "