According to Feyenoord coach Arne Slot, the unrest at his club was not a huge item within the player group this week.

General director Mark Koevermans announced his departure on Wednesday due to intimidation and threats.

"It was not really a huge item within the player group," Slot said at a press conference on Friday.

"We know what we are doing and try to get better every day. Last Sunday we won in Leeuwarden, which gave us a very good feeling."

"So I have to say very honestly: the feeling that is outlined is not something that lives in the group at all. I have not discussed it once with the group, what happened this week. No, absolutely not."

Slot emphasized that he enjoyed working with Koevermans.

"The departure of Koevermans has also been known for some time. The players probably talked about it at the time. I suspect now, but I have not noticed anything else."

In September of this year, the windows of Koevermans' house were smashed.

In addition, the abbreviation RJK (Rotterdam Youth Kern) was sprayed on his front door, presumably by members of the hard core of the club.

"I was more shocked by what happened at the time," Slot continued.

"It is very annoying that Mark has to stop because of this. A lot has already been said about it, I have already said something about it. But it should be clear that I look at it with horror. All the words you can use for that, are used."

Slot gave players several days off for derby against Sparta

Slot spoke of a quiet week.

The players were given several days off this week and training did not resume until Thursday.

Slot didn't say much that there was a derby coming up.

"For me it is not much more than a duel with my former employer, I do not think that derby feeling is that important," said the trainer, who is wary of trainer Henk Fraser's team.

"You can really see the character of the trainer in the team. The harder it gets, the harder they work for it and the more dangerous Sparta becomes. They never give up. I once led 4-0 and then it became 4-4."

Sparta-Feyenoord starts on Sunday at 12.15 pm.

The match is led by referee Kevin Blom.

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