China News Service, Beijing, October 29. Beijing Shougang Men's Basketball Team finally ushered in the return of a strong foreign aid Jeremy Lin - the Chinese American star went to Zhuji, Zhejiang where the first stage of the CBA was held, to join the team on the 29th.

  Jeremy Lin posted on his personal social media that day: "Thank you Shanghai! I stayed for three months, learned a lot of Shanghai culture, and did a lot of things, but I finally set off to Zhuji."

  It is reported that after Jeremy Lin arrives in Zhuji, he can only join the team after passing relevant tests.

But neither the Beijing Shougang team nor Jeremy Lin himself revealed when he will play.

According to news from the Beijing media, Jeremy Lin is currently suffering from a serious back injury and may miss the 13th round of the first phase of the CBA regular season.

  In August 2019, Jeremy Lin, a Chinese-American star who has just won the NBA championship with the Raptors and is known as "Lin Madness", signed the Beijing Shougang team, which became the blockbuster news of the 2019-2020 season CBA league.

Subsequently, Jeremy Lin led the Beijing team into the quarter-finals of the season.

After the 2019-2020 season, Jeremy Lin, who has not renewed his contract with the Beijing Shougang team, returned to the United States, intending to return to the NBA.

  But last season, Jeremy Lin's NBA return was blocked everywhere, and he ultimately failed to sign with any NBA team.

At the same time, the record of the Beijing Shougang team also fell precipitously. From fourth in the 2019-2020 season, to the late 2020-2021 regular season, they are still fighting for playoff qualification until the coach Yannis once again takes the lead. Later, the Beijing team "resurrected" and finally ranked ninth in the regular season.

  Jeremy Lin’s “nowhere to find a job” in the NBA and the continued downturn of the Beijing team made Jeremy Lin’s return to the Beijing team a hot topic throughout the CBA league last season.

In mid-June this year, Jeremy Lin posted on social media: "Beijing Shougang, I am back! The fans will meet soon."

  But good things are hard to come by.

In early August of this year, Jeremy Lin was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia during the isolation observation period after arriving in China from the United States and entered a Shanghai hospital for treatment.

He once again posted in the hospital that he would return to the Beijing Shougang team if foreign aid is allowed in the CBA league in the new season.

  On September 2, Jeremy Lin was cured and discharged from the hospital and entered the isolation observation period.

On October 11, he was still in Shanghai for recovery training after he was released from quarantine.

During this period, the CBA new season's competition system was introduced. Among them, the foreign aid terms were similar to last season. Each team can register up to four foreign players at the same time. This policy cleared the final obstacle for Jeremy Lin's return to the CBA.

  The CBA League for the 2021-2022 season will continue to compete for the sixth round on the 29th.

After the first five rounds of the competition, Zhejiang Guangsha team and Guangdong team have won five consecutive victories, occupying the top two spots in the standings.

The Beijing team has 4 wins and 1 loss, and the Liaoning team, Zhejiang Chouzhou Jinzu team, Shanxi team and Shenzhen team with the same points are ranked 3-7.