Feyenoord's largest supporters' association took a stand against the threats against general director Mark Koevermans on Thursday, who resigned on Wednesday.

FSV De Feijenoorder calls it "sad and reprehensible".

"It should be assessed on content by the supervisory board, not by us," says Eduard Cachet, board member of FSV De Feijenoorder.

"It's bizarre that someone chooses to leave based on threats. We have to wait for the police investigation until we clearly know where the threats are coming from."

On Wednesday, FSV De Feijenoorder, which is the official supporters' association of the fifteen-time national champion, shared an open letter from almost twenty separate fan groups to the supervisory board via social media.

In this they ask for a dialogue between the club management and the supporters.

"Every Feyenoord player knows that the solution is as simple as it is bold: administrators and supporters must start moving in the same direction," the letter reads.

"Because the chances of success are increased if supporters are transparently involved from the start. The major underlying problem of this one-liner is that supporters and club have been growing apart for decades."

As a supporters' association of and for everyone, we embrace every initiative to find dialogue with each other.

That is why we are also posting the open letter below.

Any attempt to break the current impasse deserves a chance!


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'Otherwise you will only grow further apart'

FSV De Feijenoorder now emphasizes that they are not among the senders of the letter.

"We do think it is important that dialogue is sought, in the hope of preventing more excesses," says Cachet.

"If you don't talk to these kinds of groups, you will only grow further apart. I'm not saying that the guys who wrote this letter are causing the problems, that's irrelevant in this case either. the dialogue is profitable for everyone. In what form and frequency, that is the next question."

As an official supporters' association, FSV De Feijenoorder has regular consultations with the club management.

"Everything is discussed in it, including what we can do to counteract the excesses. That is not easy."

It is not yet known who will be the successor of Koevermans, who will leave the Rotterdam club on December 1.

Mark Koevermans.

Mark Koevermans.

Photo: ANP