At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu City, qualifying clubs and ribbons were held for individual events, and Sumire Kita and Chisaki Oiwa advanced to the individual overall final on the 30th.

At the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships held in Kitakyushu, on the 28th, the second day of the tournament, qualifying and finals for individual clubs and ribbons were held, with Kida playing the club and ribbon, Oiwa playing the club, and so on. , Kaho Minagawa participated in the ribbon.

Kida was ranked 10th in this event at 24.400 in the club, and Ribbon was ranked 9th in this event at 21.475, so the top 8 players did not advance to the finals by event.

On the other hand, in the individual overall, combined with the result on the 27th, it was ranked 8th in the qualifying with 74.000, and advanced to the final on the 30th where the top 18 people participated.

In addition, Oiwa scored 22.150 in the club and missed the final of each event in 20th place in this event.

In the individual overall, he finished 18th in the qualifying with 67.350 and advanced to the final.

In addition, Minagawa was 15th with a score of 20.400 on the ribbon and could not advance to the final by event.

Rio Olympics representative Kaho Minagawa to retire

Rio de Janeiro Olympic representative Kaho Minagawa will retire from active duty at the end of this tournament.

On the 28th, the second day of the tournament, a qualifying club and ribbon for individual events were held, and Minagawa participated in the ribbon.

Minagawa finished 15th with a score of 20.400 and did not advance to the event-specific finals by the top eight players.

After the performance, Minagawa said that he would retire from active duty at the end of this tournament, and said about the performance on the 28th, "I was able to show the beauty and elegance of the character. I couldn't do it, but this time I tried to show what I had done without thinking. It's refreshing now. "

After that, he said, "I'm coming while protecting my injuries. It's difficult to get to the Paris Olympics three years later in this state," he said.

He said, "I went to study abroad in Russia, a strong man in my first year of high school, and practiced wonderfully every day. There were many difficult things, but I'm glad I didn't give up. I hope Japan can become a regular medal in the future. I want to pass on what I have gained in Russia's eight years to the next generation. "

Minagawa is 24 years old from Chiba prefecture.

He was the representative of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and was 16th in the qualifying overall.

At the World Championships the following year, he won the bronze medal, the first medal in 42 years as a Japanese player, in the hoops for each individual event.

However, he was not selected as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics due to the injury of his right foot.