Estavana Polman does not have to undergo another operation on her right knee.

The star player of the handball players continues to work on her recovery and still hopes to be able to play at the World Cup in Spain in December.

"I want to go full for the World Cup," says Polman, who draws confidence from recent medical research.

The build-up player of Orange and the Danish club Esbjerg suffered a serious knee injury for the second time in a year in May.

As a result, she missed the Olympics.

Polman was included in the provisional World Cup selection of interim national coach Monique Tijsterman earlier this week, although it is still uncertain whether the 29-year-old from Arnhem will be fit in time.

Polman said at the beginning of this month that her recovery is going less well than expected.

Last week she had her right knee examined at the hospital.

"I'm in very good shape. But I have to deal with a neurological problem in the control, the circuit between my head and the hamstring that controls the knee. That contact has to come back. And when that happens, the doctors don't know either. Polman said.

'I haven't played any matches for 1.5 years'

Polman won the world title with Orange almost two years ago.

She was chosen as the best player of that World Cup in Japan.

Six months later, she tore the cruciate ligament in her right knee.

After months of rehabilitation, she returned to the Dutch selection at the beginning of this year, but in May she suffered another knee injury that required surgery.

Polman is working on her recovery at the Papendal training complex.

"It will be all or nothing, there is nothing in between," Polman said last week in the TV program Jinek about her World Cup participation.

"Either it gets crazy and I'm going to make it, or I have to go under the knife again. That's the harsh reality."

Despite the physical setbacks, Polman hopes to be able to play an important role at the World Cup.

"I haven't played any matches for 1.5 years. But if I can come along, I'll go along to support the team and at the same time gain rhythm."

"But I always say: I only need one ball. If it is 10 seconds before time 20-20 in the final, then give me that ball."

The Orange squad plays in the first group stage at the World Cup against Puerto Rico, Uzbekistan and Sweden.

The top three countries qualify for the next round.