The professional football prosecutor launched an investigation on Thursday into an insulting banner that was unrolled by Ajax supporters on a grandstand of the Johan Cruijff ArenA during the match against PSV (5-0).

The prosecution's investigation may lead to a settlement proposal.

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The big canvas, made by the so-called atmosphere team of the Amsterdam supporters, included two mourning PSV players with the text 'Brainfart Aidshoven' on the chest of their shirts instead of the sponsor name Brainport Eindhoven.

General manager Edwin van der Sar already apologized on behalf of Ajax to his colleague Toon Gerbrands of PSV during the game.

The club had consulted with the makers in advance, but according to Ajax the final version deviated from the variant that the club had approved.

"This has betrayed the trust on the basis of which we work with the atmosphere team," a spokesperson said earlier.

"It goes without saying that we will discuss this with them, also to prevent this from happening again in any subsequent cases."

Erik ten Hag had already criticized the makers of the banner in disguised terms after the topper.

"I don't like insulting texts. We saw last week in Nijmegen what that could possibly lead to," said the Ajax trainer, referring to the banners with the text "Pure hatred" that NEC supporters showed before the Gelderse derby against Vitesse. (0-1).

After the match between NEC and Vitesse, heavy riots broke out.

Many dozens of NEC hooligans sought confrontation with the police.

They vandalized a police van and threw sticks and stones at officers.

Officers were also attacked with tree stumps.

The police carried out several charges.

In total, more than twenty people were arrested for their role in the riots outside the stadium

Thanks to the big home win against PSV, Ajax has four points ahead of the Eindhoven team after ten matches.

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