(Winter Olympics asks "Ji") Is "Bing Yuhuan" made of ice?

  China News Service, Zhangjiakou, October 28 (Zhao Danmei) Standing on the "Snow Ruyi" viewing platform overlooking, a "C"-shaped promenade surrounds a hill.

The entire trail will be covered by snow in winter, naturally embedded in the surrounding mountains, like a band of glazed ice dancing in the mountains, this is the "ice jade ring".

  According to Wang Jingxian, deputy director of the Second Venue Construction Department of the Planning and Construction Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the facility manager of the Guyangshu venues, and the facility manager of the National Ski Jumping Center, the "Bing Yuhuan" is used to connect the National Ski Jumping Center and the National Winter Games. The elevated pedestrian passages of the event center, the national cross-country skiing center, the mountain broadcasting center and the technical officer hotel.

During the game, the promenade can connect various venues, facilitating spectators to travel between the main entrance of the ancient poplar venue group and the various competition venues.

  "Bing Yuhuan" is not made of ice. Its structural form is steel structure. The component types include box columns, round pipe columns, H-shaped steel beams, etc., with a maximum span of 16 meters.

The floor slab is a reinforced truss floor slab, and the steel structure is connected in the form of torsion shear type high-strength bolt connection and welding.

The total steel consumption of the steel structure is about 10106.9 tons, and the steel truss plate is 33372.53 square meters.

The picture shows the "Bing Yuhuan" connected with "Xue Ruyi".

Photo by Zhai Yujia

  "You can see that there are 7 sets of'small boxes' inside the'Bing Yuhuan'. These are service facilities such as elevators, stairwells, and toilets." Wang Jingxian said. In addition to the big competition venues, it can also ensure that the spectators have a wide view and unimpeded passage, and the "Ice Yuhuan" guarantees that the vehicles operated by the competition can pass through in an orderly manner without interfering with each other.

  It is reported that the "Ice Yuhuan" has the characteristics of many points, wide areas, and long lines. Due to the tight construction period and heavy tasks, the construction period is divided into day and night shifts. The construction is carried out 24 hours and the equipment is stopped. The main structure has experienced 377 days of fighting. , Successfully completed in June 2020.