The participants of a football match between the Sporting Club Amical Cussétois (SCAC) and the Groupement Haut Cher in Cusset (Allier) on October 16 were summoned to a disciplinary committee.

The National Union of Family Associations (Unaf) of the department wanted to hear them this Wednesday on an incident.

The referee was imposed a blood alcohol test by the police before the game, reports

La Montagne


Members of the SCAC called law enforcement after judging that the referee smelled of alcohol.

Police officers from Vichy (Allier) carried out the screening, which turned out to be negative.

The referee referee of the Cusset club explained that he wanted to protect the official if he hit the road after the match.

Unaf 03, for their part, felt that the football team had in fact acted out of frustration, dissatisfied with the young man's decisions.

No sign of alcohol according to the opposing club

The Haut Cher Group has meanwhile let it be known that it had not noticed anything suspicious in the referee of the Departmental 2 match for the under-18s, who just dropped his whistle on several occasions.

Unaf 03 wanted to "denounce the attitude of certain leaders who have completely lost their minds".

The Union has indicated that it has "complete confidence" in the disciplinary committee, which it now wants "to let work calmly".


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