The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games staff (first from left, second from left), volunteers (third from left, fourth from left) and technical officials uniforms and equipment display.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee interpretation of uniforms and equipment (toward the Winter Olympics)

Contains cultural connotation and technological content, combining functionality, nationality, and artistry

  Our reporter Ji Fang

  On October 27, at the 100-day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, uniforms and equipment for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics were officially unveiled.

Uniform equipment contains cultural connotation and technological content, and perfectly combines functionality, nationality and artistry, and can be freely worn under temperature changes and scene transitions.

The exclusive identities of these staff, technical officials and volunteers will become a beautiful scenery on the Winter Olympics arena.

  Uniform equipment includes 3 categories: clothing, shoes, and accessories

  Uniforms and equipment for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics staff, technical officials and volunteers to wear and use, including clothing, shoes, accessories 3 categories.

Yan Cheng, director of the Human Resources Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said: “We have planned the uniforms and equipment categories according to the specific climatic conditions and different work needs during the competition, so that they can be freely worn under temperature changes and scene transitions.”

  In terms of layout design, uniforms and equipment are based on professional winter sports equipment wear and ergonomic principles, using functional fabrics and three-dimensional tailoring methods, taking into account the needs of indoor and outdoor multi-scene operations under dynamic and static conditions, and realizing all-round protection and auxiliary support.

In the use of materials, due to the special climatic conditions of winter sports, uniforms and equipment have a balance between resistance to severe cold, windproof and warmth, breathability, lightness and comfort, and meet the needs of all scenarios to the greatest extent.

  According to reports, the uniform filling floc selects a new type of multi-layer structure thermal floc with domestic patent technology, which is targeted for improvement according to the use environment of the Winter Olympics to meet the thermal requirements of the cold environment.

The waterproof membrane used in warm boots is waterproof, wind-proof, breathable, and recyclable.

"Some non-slip particles are added to the palm of the glove, and the red love pattern of the palm of the mascot'Bingdundun' is borrowed from the shape and color." said Pingyuan, an engineer at the Uniform Office of the Human Resources Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The uniforms are similar. There are many such details.

  "We have conducted a lot of experiments and tests to test the functionality, especially the warmth. From the data, it is still relatively good." Yan Cheng said.

  The design plan is selected from 602 sets and more than 10,000 works

  Previously, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee publicly solicited uniform and equipment visual appearance design plans from around the world, and received a total of 602 sets of more than 10,000 works, and the final design plan was selected from them.

  He Yang from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology was the designer of the final plan.

In 2008, she participated in the design of the Beijing Olympic uniforms with smart auspicious cloud patterns and refreshing colors, which imprinted many people's Olympic memories.

"Winter Olympic uniform design should convey cultural characteristics, and it should also be unique to ensure that it is eye-catching and easy to identify." He Yang said.

  The appearance design of the Winter Olympics uniforms is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings and the winter Olympics core graphics of the snow-capped mountains. The graphics are reasonably extended to three-dimensional clothing, using brushstrokes with the charm of Chinese ink painting, thick and thin lines, and distance. The level of virtuality and reality subtly integrates traditional aesthetics and ice and snow sports.

  In the choice of color, the calm ink color and the vigorous Xia Guanghong show the hard work and enthusiasm of the staff, the neutral Great Wall gray shows the objective and fairness of the technical officials, and the bright sky blue shows the youthful vitality of the volunteers, and the pure Ruixue As a harmonious color, white symbolizes the "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year".

The main colors in the color system of the Winter Olympics outline the magnificent scenes and spatial artistic conception of the Winter Olympics, as well as the sense of rhythm and rhythm of winter sports.

  R&D and production pay attention to the application of technology and the innovation of details

  Lightweight, warm, beautiful and comfortable, in order to meet the needs of use, the research and development and production of uniform equipment pays attention to the application of science and technology and the innovation of details.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee gives full play to the role of professional forces and professional institutions to promote the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies.

  Since 2019, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has established a uniform and equipment expert committee to check fabric selection, version enhancement, appearance design, etc.; set up a "uniform equipment research and development laboratory" to continuously explore fabrics, structures, and craftsmanship; China The Fashion Designers Association was entrusted to organize 3 review meetings to determine candidate design schemes.

From the plan to the actual sample clothes and then to the mass production, collision, adjustment and optimization are constantly being carried out.

  At the same time, uniforms and equipment are working hard to implement the concept of green environmental protection and sustainability in the design, production, and distribution links.

The yarn used in the equipment storage bag is all environmentally friendly yarn produced by recycling waste plastic products; the packaging bag is made of biodegradable masterbatch, and the degradation rate can reach more than 90% in 180 days; the shoe leather processing technology adopts Patented water saving technology.

  “The design of the uniform and equipment reflects the characteristics of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the characteristics of Chinese culture.” Yan Cheng said: “This uniform conforms to the current concept of sustainable development. It is also full of humanistic care in many details. , During the communication process of the International Paralympic Committee, it was fully recognized and highly praised."