The climax series of professional baseball Central League and Pacific League will be discontinued in 9 times without overtime, as in the regular season.

In response to a request to shorten the time required for the spread of the new coronavirus infection, this year's professional baseball is played in a way that no extra time is played during all regular seasons, and if there is a tie after the 9th inning, a draw is taken. ..

The climax series, which will start on the 6th of next month, will also be discontinued in the 9th inning following the regular season as a result of discussions by the Central League and Pacific League by their respective boards.

Kazuhide Fuchibuchi, the Central League manager, explained, "Although the request for shortening the working hours has been canceled, the board of directors emphasized that the fighting style of the regular season will continue in the climax series."

If the number of wins excluding the draw is lined up, the top team in the regular season wins, and if the winner of the stage is decided without attacking the back 9 times with the same score, it will be a cold game at that point. That is.

Also, if Yakult, who won the Central League for the first time in six years, advanced to the Japan Series on the 26th, the schedule will overlap with the Meiji Jingu Tournament due to the effect that the schedule was delayed by one week from the original schedule, so the Jingu Stadium, which is the home base. Will be held at Tokyo Dome from the 3rd to the 5th rounds from the 23rd of next month, which will be the home game.