Director Kimiyasu Kudo of Softbank, a professional baseball manager who will retire only this season, held a press conference and said, "I had a wonderful day like a dream," recalling his seven years of coaching life with gratitude.

Director Kudo has been in command of Softbank for seven years since 2015, winning the league title three times and winning the number one spot in Japan five times.

However, this season, he was the first to lead the team and finished in 4th place or lower, and he himself informed the team of his intention to retire.

Director Kudo held a press conference in Fukuoka City on the 27th, saying, "I couldn't make a backup player because there were many injured people. I think that the general is responsible for the defeat, so taking responsibility is the most important thing. I thought it was, "explained the reason for his retirement.

After that, looking back on his seven years of coaching life, he said, "I had a wonderful day like a dream. The players sprouted in me that the job of coaching is not great, but that it is with everyone. I'm sick, "said a thank-you note to the players.

He added, "I think it was thanks to the support of the staff as well as the efforts of the players that we were able to achieve the number one position in Japan for four consecutive years. I didn't realize when I was a player that we couldn't even fight without people, people who cook meals, and those people, "he continued to thank the staff.

And to the fans, "The most supportive of my heart was the fans. I was most happy to be able to report the victory, and I have been the director thinking that I can always do it. I wish you all for seven years. If I could do it even a little, I would be happy myself. "