With the World Cup premiere less than a month away, the Swedish cross-country team is faced with some question marks among the riders.

On Monday, the news came that several profiles - with Frida Karlsson in the lead - miss the last high-altitude camp in Italy and during the pre-season, Karlsson has been pulled with congestion, which stopped her from competing.

Therese Johaug has followed her rival's recharging from a distance.

- I have only read what has been in the media and not talked to Frida herself, so I will be very careful to comment on why she was in camp and not.

There are certainly many different reasons for this.

But regardless, I think Frida will go fast this winter, says Johaug to NRK and SVT.

"Off and on"

- I see her as a great competitor and I think she will perform very well.

Norwegian women's coach Ole Morten Iversen also does not count Frida Karlsson away in any way despite her hitherto jerky pre-season.

- It's a bit off and on, and it has been before.

In the distances, it is Ebba (Andersson) and Frida who we, it is wrong to say fear, but who we see as the biggest competitors.

With some breaks that Frida has apparently had now, she may not be in the top in as many competitions, but that does not mean that she can not get up optimally for the Olympics and continue to run races that will be difficult for Therese to win, says Iversen .

"I'm sure of it"

He believes that it will be difficult for Karlsson to go fast in all competitions over the season, given the interruptions that have taken place.

- But she and Ebba will run many good competitions.

I am sure of that.

Have you been worried that Johaug will have the same experience as Frida during the pre-season?

- No, not worried, because it is possible to go fast during part of the season if you train smart when you train.

I reckon that Frida and the Swedish ladies will do that.

They have been training so much for so many years that they can withstand some interruptions.

They do not believe it themselves but I know they do.

There are no problems, says Ole Morten Iversen.

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There are several possible Olympic gold medalists in the Swedish squad.

Photo: SVT