Outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) thinks the threats against Feyenoord director Mark Koevermans are beyond all limits.

He speaks of "not only scandalous, but also serious criminal behavior".

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Koevermans announced on Wednesday that he would resign as general manager at Feyenoord on 1 December.

The trigger is a series of threats, which make him feel that he can no longer do his job properly.

Grapperhaus wants a firm approach to people who are guilty of this.

This must be done "on the criminal side", although he does not make it clear exactly how he envisions it.

"This is a small group of criminals, and they are the ones who think they can impose their will on society in this way. We are not going to approve that," said the minister.

He also thinks it is "incredibly cowardly that you aim that at an individual".

Mark Koevermans announced on Wednesday that he would resign from Feyenoord as of December 1.

Mark Koevermans announced on Wednesday that he would resign from Feyenoord as of December 1.

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'There is a border over, we are going after this a lot'

Grapperhaus says he will go after this considerably.

"You can take it from me that when I say: there is a limit, that we are going after this considerably".

He mentions the curfew riots earlier this year as an example.

According to him, there was a head-to-head policy, in which people who used heavy violence in legitimate demonstrations were immediately dealt with firmly.

"We're going to do that here too."

The minister called Feyenoord and the KNVB on Wednesday morning to say that he sympathizes with them and supports them.

"I personally find this very sad for him (Koevermans, ed.) and I think it is a major setback for the club."

There will soon be regular consultations between the Ministry of Justice and Security and the KNVB.

According to a spokesperson for the department, this subject is high on the agenda, but the hardening in the football world has been discussed for some time.

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