Sascha Mölders enjoyed the winning beer particularly well after this grueling cup fight.

The "Wampe von Giesing" had surprisingly led Munich in a duel between the traditional clubs against Schalke 04 in the cup round of 16


a very special satisfaction for the iconic striker with the slightly larger waist size.

"It's just amazing!" Said the former Bundesliga striker in an interview with Sky, overjoyed with his little daughter and son at his side.

Because Mölders was born in Essen only a few kilometers from Gelsenkirchen, and there was a lot at stake against the "enemy" Schalke.

So much so that the lion captain got creative again before kick-off: The trophy pairing was noted on all jerseys, so Mölders grabbed a small piece of white tape and stuck the words “Schalke 04” on his shirt.

"I'm a boy from Essen, and then I have a hard time when Schalke 04 is on my jersey," said the 36-year-old and smiled.

After the thrilling 1-0 (1-0) against Royal Blue, Mölders, who sells his own merchandise with the slogans “Belly, Legs, Beer” or “The Belly of God”, was celebrating for a long time in the sold-out Grünwalder Stadium. For the first time in a year and a half, 15,000 followers were there, all of Giesing was raging and had a long-awaited night of partying.

Before that, it had only taken five minutes for the venerable stadium to shake for the first time. Mölders fought for the ball in a duel against Darko Churlinov near the corner flag, played a perfect pass to the outstanding Stefan Lex, who scored the much acclaimed opening goal from five meters, which should be enough to win, as the third division club bravely against each other in the following period the favored Schalke from coach Dimitrios Grammozis braced. "The team had a fantastic fight," said 1860 coach Michael Köllner happily.

While the Royal Blues suffered a bitter setback after four wins in the league, there was enthusiasm in Munich. 1860 investor Hasan Ismaik spoke on Facebook of a “magical night”, a “historic moment”. He was very proud, "Your performance electrified me before the live stream", the majority shareholder pointed out to his lions, "now we have to put our claws in the league too".

In the 3rd league, the Köllner-Elf staggered more and more towards the relegation zone on position 16.

The last victory so far came at the end of August, followed by seven unsuccessful games, six of which were draws, each ending 1: 1.

Now the Lions are hoping for a turnaround with the swing from the cup.

There is still no opponent for the round of 16 in Munich: “First of all we are happy that we won,” said Köllner.