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My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about the World Cup qualifier of the Orange Women in and against Belarus.

  • World Cup Qualifying

  • Belarus-Netherlands

  • Netherlands leader in group

  • LIVE:

  • 0-2

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74' GOAL Netherlands!


Daniëlle van de Donk is probably the shortest woman on the field, but she scores well here with the head.

The midfielder of Olympique Lyon heads a measured cross from star Joëlle Smits at the first post against the ropes.

It can no longer go wrong for the Orange Women.

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71' GOAL Netherlands!


Lieke Martens finally breaks the spell for the Orange Women.

The left winger of FC Barcelona has a tough evening in Minsk, but here she finally shoots the Netherlands on a liberating lead.

After a corner kick that has been deflected, Martens gets the ball in front of her right leg via Merel van Dongen and with that she takes a devastating blow.

Everything seems to be going well for national coach Mark Parsons.

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70 ' 

Second substitution for the Orange Women: 

Kerstin Casparij comes in for right back Sisca Folkerstma.

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69 'Finally there is some music in a Dutch attack, but again it does not result in a goal because something goes wrong along the way.

That's why Daniëlle van de Donk tries it from a distance.

The ball sails wide through the foot of a Belarusian player.

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67 'Time is running out in Minsk and Lieke Martens realizes that all too well.

She tries to fire on Belarus' goal from the edge of the penalty area, but her effort goes wide.

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65 'Give the ball to Joëlle Smits, because she is the only woman who achieves her level in Minsk.

Again, the substitute creates danger with a sharp cross that the goalkeeper of Belarus has all the trouble with.

In the rebound, the pulled-in left back Merel van Dongen shoots high.

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64 'This attempt by Sherida Spitse from a free kick of 35 meters summarizes the increasingly disastrous evening of the Orange Women perfectly.

The midfielder, usually a specialist when it comes to free kicks, produces no more than a weak roll.

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62 'The Orange Women are not doing much and so Belarus also has opportunities to break through the Dutch defence.

Striker Alkhovik heads the ball in a detached position into the hands of Sari van Veenendaal.

Stefanie van der Gragt had completely lost her.

Don't be surprised if the Netherlands is still going to lose, with this labyrinthine attitude in Minsk.

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59 'The game of the Orange Women now drops to a dubious level.

The Netherlands can't play the ball to each other three times and is sometimes even pushed back by Belarus, again the number 53 in the FIFA ranking.

Something is seriously wrong with the team of national coach Mark Parsons.

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52 'Joëlle Smits makes an eager impression in the first minutes of her substitution and now also races past her attackers on the right side of the attack.

The Wolfsburg attacker's cross then ends up at Merel van Dongen, who lashes out.

The bet of the left back is cracked.

The Orange Women come out of the dressing room strong.

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48 'It goes almost completely wrong for Belarus in the build-up.

Substitute Joëlle Smits chases the defense of the home team and gets the ball shot against her leg, after which the toy almost ends up in the goal.

To the relief of everyone in the stadium, the ball goes wide.

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Kick off! 

The ball rolls again in Minsk for the second half of Belarus-Netherlands.

With Joëlle Smits for Victoria Pelova, the Orange Women have to wash away the miserable first half and score.

Will the Netherlands succeed in this after the break?

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These are the statistics of the first half of Belarus-Netherlands:

Possession: 50%-50%

Shots: 0-9

Shots on target: 0-2

Corners: 2-4

Fouls: 3-7

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This first half of the Orange Women offers a lot of food for thought, especially for national coach Mark Parsons.

The Netherlands creates only a handful of chances against Belarus and does not manage to convert them into goals, making it 0-0 in Minsk after 45 minutes of play.

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45 'With the halftime signal approaching, the Orange Women seem to break the impasse.

Daniëlle van de Donk misdirects her opponent on the right side with a feint, but her cross ends up in the feet of a Belarus defender.

It summarizes the evening of the Orange Women well for the time being.

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44 'What an imposed chance for Lieke Martens on the liberating opening goal.

The left winger has the corner to choose after a smooth attack from the Orange Women via Victoria Pelova, Jackie Groenen and Jill Roord, but she shoots high.

The Netherlands makes it very difficult for itself in Minsk.

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Goal Netherlands rejected! 

Jackie Groenen's opening goal is cancelled.

The midfielder shoots the ball into an empty goal after Daniëlle van de Donk wins the header against keeper Nataliya Voskobovich, but referee Araksya Saribekyan protects the keeper and puts a line through the 0-1 of Greens.

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33 'Even with Lieke Martens, it doesn't really work out.

The FC Barcelona left winger tries to outplay her opponent, but can't get past it and then sees the ball roll over the back line.

It's a tough night for the Orange Women.

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28 'The game has been stopped in Minsk for a while because Nataliya Voskobovich, the goalkeeper of Belarus, has to be treated due to an injury.

An annoying interruption for the Orange Women, now that they finally seemed to get into the rhythm.

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26 'Finally a good attack from the Orange Women.

Merel van Dongen sends Victoria Pelova away, who keeps the overview and delivers an excellent pass to Lieke Martens in the penalty area.

The left winger of FC Barcelona sees her shot being cracked by a Belarus defender.

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25 'Jackie Groenen has twice all the time and space to deliver a good cross from the right flank, but in both cases the midfielder comes to a weak pass.

It does not end with the Orange women.

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It certainly does not sparkle with the Orange Women in this duel with Belarus.

The Netherlands has a lot of trouble controlling the game against the global number 53.

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11 'There is the next chance for the Orange Women, who are getting stronger by the minute in Minsk.

Jill Roord, like Vivianne Miedema, is in the right place, but the replacement for the Arsenal striker turns out not to be able to head as well as her predecessor.

From close range she heads the ball into the roof of the goal.

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10 'The Orange Women almost take the lead here when Nataliya Voskobovich, the goalkeeper of Belarus, is completely wrong with a corner by Sherida Spitse.

Lieke Martens has the ball in front of an empty goal for the shot, but sees her bet being removed from the line at the last moment.

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7 'As said, the Orange Women did not start too well in Minsk and that can also be seen in this action by the home team.

Stefanie van der Gragt has to defuse a dangerous cross from the right with a late intervention.

Belarus is not a bad opponent, even if the low place in the world ranking suggests otherwise.

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5 'The Orange women are not starting too well in this World Cup qualifier against Belarus.

The team of national coach Mark Parsons uses a much too slow pace and is also sloppy in the passing.

Belarus is also pretty good at it.

This promises to be a difficult evening for the Netherlands.

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2 'The Armenian referee Araksya Saribekyan can start immediately in Minsk, because after a serious foul on Lieke Martens, Anna Pilipenko is now trying to decorate a penalty with a sneak dive.

Saribekyan will not be misled.

She draws yellow for Pilipenko.

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Kick off! 

The ball rolls in Minsk.

Can the Orange women take the abacus tonight, just like last Friday against Belarus?

Or does Belarus offer more defense in its own stadium?

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The players of the Orange Women and Belarus enter the field in Stadium Dinamo in Minsk.

The stadium is certainly not filled for Belarus-Netherlands.

The spectators can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

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Parsons: 'Always played with someone close to the striker'

National coach Mark Parsons tells the


why she has chosen Jill Roord as striker.

"We have always played with someone close to the striker. In September we had the right wing closer, but with a lot of freedom. Against Cyprus we always want someone next to Vivianne, and we need to have enough people to finish the chances. Today Daniëlle plays as close to Jill as possible in possession. I have to choose, because we have such a strong group."

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Long sleeves, gloves and training jackets: the Orange Women's players have dressed well for the cold of Belarus.

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The Orange Women are warming up in Stadium Dinamo in Minsk for the World Cup qualifier against Belarus.

That will be necessary too, because it is only 5 degrees Celsius in the capital of Belarus.


25 minutes till kick off!

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This is the position in the Orange Women's World Cup qualifying pool at the start of the game against Belarus:

  • Netherlands 3-7 (+10)

  • Czech Republic 3-4 (+4)

  • Belarus 1-3 (+3)

  • Iceland 2-3 (+2)

  • Cyprus 3-0 (-19)

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    National coach Mark Parsons chooses Jill Roord in the striker as a replacement for the absent Vivianne Miedema.

    The latter gets some rest due to her busy schedule and enjoys a short vacation.

    Roord has mainly played as a right winger in recent international matches.

    Daniëlle van de Donk is now on the right wing, while midfielder Victoria Pelova makes her basic debut and Merel van Dongen is the left back.

    Orange Women's line-up: 

    Van Veenendaal;

    Folkertsma, Van der Gragt, Nouwen, Van Dongen;

    Greens, Pelova, Pointed;

    Van de Donk, Roord, Martens.

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    The Orange Women will resume the World Cup qualifying series tonight with an away game against Belarus.

    The team of national coach Mark Parsons will play against the number 53 of the world ranking in the freezing cold Minsk at 8 p.m.

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